GIF: Police shove reporter for trying to question Detroit councilman


You’ve probably heard about Fox 2 reporter M.L. Erick being shoved by police while trying to ask a Detroit councilman a question outside of a public┬ámeeting Tuesday night.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on who’s to blame in the incident, which was first aired on Fox 2.

This much we know: Elrick, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, tried to ask Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry a question when police shoved the reporter.

Elrick said police used excessive force; Cushingberry said Elrick was in his way.

Who do you think is at fault?

Police are expected to comment on the incident later today.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.



  • Tammy Barbour

    I think that its Elrick’s intention to stand and block the door way based on the video clip. Cushingberry could not walk through the door. He is blocking ingress and egress of the meeting. Now, does that mean that the cops have a right to shove him out of the ingress of the door? I don’t think there is enough information. I don’t know what Elrick said. Did Elrick say something inflammatory as he tried to enter the building that made both cops think at the same time that they had to restrain him so that Cushingberry could enter????

    Where is the audio?

    • Dust Buster

      let us logic and common sense. elrick was there and all the other council members walked in and didnt have a fullback blocking for them. as much as you would like the race angle or to excuse chicken george, there were not “inflammatory” comments ( im guessing you mean racial or some other disrespectful words that warrant assault in the hood) they didnt ask him to move and if they did they didnt give him a chance to even if they did. they shoved him just like they saw their other epu brother that threw steve wilson into a door for asking questions.

      apparently you want to defend cush but he shoudl expect questions and he should answer them. i dont mean he has to stand their for 5 minutes and talk but the drunken weedhead clown has many hours per day to run his rum-hole and type whacked out posts on facebook etc. so he isnt shy and he doesnt keep his opinions to himself….clearly.

      cush is an afro-racist ,which he has made clear. it was a white guy reporter that nailed a few other detroit crooks. cush probably told that punk officer to get ready for elrick and dont be afraid to clear him out,……cause cush got your back (funny how cush loves cops when they are doing his dirty work but they are racist animals when they mess with his drunk and stoned driving) cush is a crook and a shamed attorney.

      he has stolen money and property from clients many times (its proof so go look it up) if there weren’t enough dumb voters in detroit to elect this clown he would be sitting in a barbershop drinking and doing some illegal gambling right now (probably doing it anyways) this creep has gotten more 2 chances than a normal person. oh yes and the 2 houses he stripped after the bank threw his deadbeat azz out for not paying his note.

    • The audio is in the video, but GIFs are only images. ­čÖé

  • Stan

    Advice to ML- lose the earring. Unless it’s part of a man’s cultural dress (and hip hop does not qualify as a culture, sorry) you look like a douce bag that’s trying too hard.

    • BIG JOHN

      Learn how to spell

    • With all due respect, he’s a Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist with a beautiful wife and loving family. What is his earring preventing him from accomplishing?

  • nitrodrip

    Lets see if the police officers are suspended.

  • Bob Connely

    Just like the ass-whipping you got back when you were just trying to do the job the people expect of Reporters. And what ever came of that? Or the case involving Steve Wilson, late of Channel 7, when he was assaulted? Did anyone end up in Court charged with Battery? I’d say that all you White folks that try to take on the Black establishment better check to see what your car’s ignition wires are actually attached to.

    • David Bryndal

      “White folks that try to take on the Black establishment better check to see what your car’s ignition wires are actually attached to.”

      stay classy detroit

      • BIG JOHN

        What are Kwames ignition wires attached to?

    • Dust Buster

      are you being facetious? if not then your attemot to send “white folks” a message failed. if you hold people like criminal george cushingberry to anything close to “black establishment” then you have some very low expectations for blacks.

  • Cassandra InDetroit

    A racially divisive non-issue to deflect the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of this country.

    • Anthony Rubens

      You failed econ 101, the city that used to be detroit is bankrupt, not wealthy…Even the liquor stores are leaving….

    • I am going to rule with Mr. Rubens on this issue.

    • Dust Buster

      can you quickly explain who had the wealth and where it got transferred to? im waiting with great anticipation

  • EBounding

    Just Us was served.

  • disqus_vhLozcit3f

    Why are the police still showing preferential treatment to George Cushingberry? What is it about this man that compels the police to afford him a higher degree of deference than everyone else around him? Be it either in a routine traffic stop or here, the police now have a pattern in place where they’ll do things for Cushingberry that they wouldn’t do for you or me. Why?

    • Dust Buster

      cause cush is the only councilman that has a poster of al pacino as scarface on his wall. cush is the don “corleone” cornelious of detroit. my money says soon cush will listen to someone smarter than him and he will take a leave soon. kind of like pugh did but it will be due to “dehydration” or “exhaustion” thats what they call it when movie stars and actors spin out and need to go to adult daycare for a few weeks

      • disqus_vhLozcit3f

        Does he really have that poster up?