Did police go too far by shoving Fox 2 reporter M.L. Elrick?

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Two Detroit cops shoved Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter M.L. Elrick on Tuesday while he tried to interview Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry at the start of a public council meeting.

Video shows the Fox 2 reporter getting prepared to ask Cushingberry a question at the entrance of the meeting when two officers forcefully pushed Elrick back.

It was an odd reaction by security because reporters commonly approach council members before meetings.

Fox 2 has launched a complaint with Police Chief James Craig.

In the video, Elrick refers to Motor City Muckraker and the time I ended up in the emergency room after being assaulted by council security about three years ago.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • ursocalledgod

    its absolutely not bullying. people need to grow a pair and be MEN. masculinity has gone by the wayside now a days. your blocking the path of a COUNCILMAN who is being escorted by POLICE officers! wth did you expect to happen? he said it himself hes a CITIZEN. which he was treated as one. he should be glad hes not just a regular citizen it would of been MUCH worse. let the average guy on the street attempt that same thing and see where it gets him.

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    Exactly! s***, I mean city council members should not have police escort number 1 , number 2 those officers went WAY too far, who the hell do they think they are!? It’s time to clean house.

  • Bob Connely

    Notice that it was an Officer who was doing the most forceful shoving, and backed off when the Sergeant took over. And let us not overlook the fact that the Reported was White, and the Officers (as well as the targeted Council Member) are all Black. Yep: I did it. I turned this into a racial incident, because that is exactly what it is. “Can’t be lettin’ the Off-fay Honkies be putting they nose in our bidness”

  • Josh Collier

    I’m glad the reporter didnt get beaten to a pulp like what happened to Kelly Thomas, or shot to death like Miram Carey. But do your reporters have the gall to question the ruling class about either of those assaults on free people? Or do you only care about your own staff?

  • Origanalist

    Don’t you know it’s media’s job to cover for the ruling class, not question them?

    • The Cushingberry saga promises to be as entertaining as the Conyers debacle. Popcorn at the ready!

  • bebow

    City Council shouldn’t have DPD bodyguards. Lavish, unnecessary security perks give members a sense they stand above the people in this broke, crumbling Third World ghetto on the river and send a clear message nothing is changing except the names on the leases in downtown and Midtown. The DPD’s “secret squirrels” are still running the same old game, using scarce resources to execute their plays. If the two featured in the video aren’t taking direction from Chief Craig, then which Kwame sniffer is in charge of calling the shots now? This is the second incident. I’m counting.