15 murals in Detroit to brighten your day

With more than 80,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit, the city is a large canvas for graffiti artists.

Here is a sampling of some of the most colorful, positive murals in the city. Most, if not all, were done with permission from the building owner.

E. Grand Boulevard

E. Grand Boulevard

mural_Russell & Forest

Russell & Forest

Woodward Ave.

Southwest Detroit

Somewhere in Detroit.


Lower east side.

Southwest Detroit

Gratiot & Dubois

mural Beaubien and milwaukee

Beaubien and milwaukee

Holmes and Serena

MURAL Graffiti Grand River_1398

Grand River Ave.

Eastern Market


Grand River

Eastern Market

Check out some of our recent collections of photos:

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Prime fyve

    The grand river ones are all gone. Thank grcc

  • Mikey

    There are some beautiful pieces over near St. Andrews Hall as well.

  • Dust Buster

    the headline doesnt bother me. i do get it about all those “10 shocking things your dentist wont tell you and how to get an amazing smile for 3 cents per day” but the reality is we have a lot of younger folks that have the attention span of a box of broken light bulbs. everything to them is “amazing” from a mcdonalds breakfast burrito to niagara falls. the term is interchangable… i just had the most amazing starbucks choclate machimoto turbo 5000…this is heaven in short you have to smack them over the head in .02 seconds or less and most probably wont read anything more than a sentence long. they need tmz and clips to feed them because they get lost really fast attention wise.

  • #hodgster – KK4NWA

    I hope that some day, Detroit will wake up.

  • Mr. Right

    Steve, seriously – enough with the strange infatuation with Buzzfeed. It’s transparently derivative. Be better than this.

    • We tried not to make this headline Buzzfeedy, so I think I’m misunderstanding what the problem is. Is it the story format or the headline structure that is bothersome? Could you elaborate further? -Abby

      • David Bryndal

        15 Stories about amazing things you just have to see, but wont believe (video)

        5 facts about the cost of milk that will blow your mind, and the your appetite, AMAZING NEWS

        • David Bryndal


          19 Totally Forgotten Celebrity Couples Of The ’00s

          The Letter This State Trooper Wrote After Putting His K-9 Partner To Sleep Will Break Your Heart

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          • So any story that includes a numbered list is ripped off from Buzzfeed?

        • No… I understand what THEIR headlines look like. What is a better headline to you?

          • David Bryndal

            “Despite the blight, art and color appear on a Detroit scale” hell I don’t know but it is obvious was makes for cheap disposable copy and what makes the appearance of well thought-out copy. I am glad you admit to recognizing it.

          • We aren’t trying to be sneaky. We are trying to write headlines to get people to read stories. We have a staff of two and bring in less than $300 a month.

          • David Bryndal

            I understand that but there are a few of us wanting you guys to keep the site looking legit and not like some of that disposable buzzfeed crap out there. There are some good stories on here that can make a difference but only if others take the site seriously. You cant expect people to take seriously, “12 Receipts we found from KayPat that you will have to see to believe! (and will change your world view).”

          • Thanks for all the input. We are definitely taking it to heart.

            Who is KayPat? Is that a couple or a individual? I thought I was hip to all the celeb abbrevs.

          • David Bryndal

            It is my buzzfeed-ification of Kwame Kilpatrick, local detroit bad boy.

    • squid muffin

      I really like the headline actually. Maybe you look at Buzzfeed too much 😉

      • David Bryndal

        nope, i never actually go there. it is a tool to hook social media users to ad revenue driven media sites. but while we are on the subject I work in AV and Huffington Post/AOL did a corporate event months ago in NYC where they talked about engaging the reader to generate click-throughs to their sites. (buzzfeed is a spinoff of one of the huffpost/aol founders) (sites like upworthy are meant to help bankroll and gather users for places like MoveOn.org, same owners) There is no desire for the subject matter to be truly “amazing” “heartbreaking” “change your life” “got to see this” it is to get you to glimpse at ads on their site and thats it. Ever wonder why most of the content on those sites is so bad or never lives up to its superfluous nature? Because it doesnt matter as long as you click through. Click stats they can show to an advertiser and justify what they want to charge for ads.