A new, enhanced Motor City Muckraker for 2014


When we launched Motor City Muckraker in the summer of 2012, we wanted to explore Detroit in ways that the local media hadn’t.

Instead of hunkering down at a cubicle, we hit the streets and explored the impact of poverty, corruption and crime on the city’s 700,000-plus residents. Instead of waiting for press releases, we perused thousands of public records and exposed misspending and deceptive politicians.

Ronnie Bowlson lives across from the Packard Plant. Photo by Steve Neavling

We also highlighted what’s best about the city – its people. We featured Detroit’s real heroes, the people who refuse to give up on a city that is as tough and unforgiving as it is resilient and loving.

In 2014, we pledge to continue our mission with even more zeal. We relaunched our website and added more reporters and photographers. We plan to continue to grow throughout the year and provide regular exclusive stories.  

We’re also adding new features, such as a daily listing of fires and shootings, artist profiles, photo galleries, videos, tip lines and more timely, objective content.

This is a critical year for Detroit. The city is in bankruptcy court; fire and police services are woefully inadequate; the school system is a virtual dropout factory; and a new mayoral administration is taking over.

While many neighborhoods continue to empty out, areas like downtown, Midtown and Corktown are growing with a relatively young, creative class.

It’s a complex time, to be sure.

We are proud to serve another year as an independent watchdog. We hope you enjoy.

Let us know what you want to see in Motor City Muckraker.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Dave Armstrong

    Steve, you are a valuable asset to our Detroit community. Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats you are proving a great service to the community.

  • Lynne

    thanks for all you do, I enjoy reading your reports. One thing that concerns me is the militarization of the police in Detroit. It seems as if the police are becoming lawless. Any comments?


      I feel for the police officers in Detroit. Can you imagine what they go thru on a daily basis? I would lose my mind having to deal with so much crime, corruption, disrespect and total lack of regard for anything other than themselves by these criminals and drug dealers. It’s mind blowing. They have the job from hell and put their lives on the line every day! I salute them and you should too. I would challenge anyone to do what they do for one hour!

    • bebow

      What do you mean? Militarized? Lawless? Have you seen something?