Dec. 20, 1943: Respected Detroit businessman Don Hamilton Darden born

1514998_1408582402715603_793111242_nOn this day in 1943, Don Hamilton Barden is born.

He will become the City of Detroit’s cable franchise operator in 1983 and ultimately own five casinos throughout the country in Las Vegas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Indiana. His shrewd business deals will earn him clout and status in New York and as far away as Namibia.

His likeability will secure respect for him in the boardroom and on the boulevard. In 2003, Black Enterprise magazine will select Barden’s firm as Company of the Year. In 2004, Barden will earn the Trumpet Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

He will join the ancestors on May 19, 2011 after a bout with cancer.

Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman, the author of On this Day: African-American Life in Detroit, is a native Detroiter and former news reporter. He served on the Detroit Charter Revision Commission. He lives in Detroit with his wife, Kim Trent, and their son, Jackson Coleman.