George W. Bush lawyer wanted to ‘ship out’ gay staffers to Detroit

Scott blochA high-profile lawyer for the George W. Bush administration said he wanted to “ship out” gay staffers to Detroit because he despised them so much, according to an Office of Special Counsel report.

Scott Bloch, the controversial head of the Office of Special Counsel under Bush, was so homophobic that he made it difficult for gay employees to succeed, the agency’s inspector general found. Bloch told a government contractor, Richard Trefry, that he wanted to create a new OSC field office in Detroit so he could rid the agency’s headquarters of gay staffers and others deemed immoral, according to the 56-page report, first published in the Blog of the Legal Times.

Sure enough, the OSC Midwest Field Office in Detroit opened in 2005. 

The report raised serious questions about the decision to open the Detroit office. It also questioned the qualifications of the employees sent to work there. In fact, none of the employees wanted to relocate from Washington D.C., according to the report.

“OSC management made no survey of current employees to ascertain their interest in or availability for positions in the Detroit area,” the report stated. “There is substantial evidence to believe that Mr. Bloch and his noncareer associates who planned the reorganization were fully aware that the assignment of headquarters staff to Detroit did not represent an efficient or effective use of OSC personnel in a field office.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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    Mr. Bloch has a nice set of DSL.

  • Erectus Maximus

    without anything to support this one person’s aligations, you pump this b.s. out there as fact.
    i’ve grown weary of your one paragraph ‘articles’ where you simply repeat unsubstantiated crap.
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    • The “one person” is the internal investigative arm of the federal agency. That’s not just another person.

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    Until someone finds out if the current group in Detroit is largely gay people, it is just partisan speculation. Even the claim itself is just hearsay. Much ado about nothing until further proof is presented.

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    Sorry, but folks like this have serious mental issues.

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      Worse yet, it takes 8 years to publish the findings.