Ex-Council President Pugh offered $100 for nude videos of teen boy

Pugh, CharlesDetroit City Council President Charles Pugh offered $100 and gifts to a high school student in exchange for nude videos, the Motor City Muckraker has learned.

Still, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper opted against charging Pugh, who has refused to cooperate with police.

The sexually charged text messages, first reported by WXYZ and then confirmed by us, were sent to the high school senior whom Pugh was mentoring while he was council president.

“I give $100 for all solo vids,” Pugh texted the teen, who is now 18. “So if you ever need extra cash, keep that in mind.”

It’s unclear whether any videos were sent.

The absence of charges in Oakland County doesn’t mean Pugh is out of trouble yet. Authorities believe almost all of the texts originated in Wayne County. He was charged in Oakland County because he’s accused of touching the boy on a shopping trip in Madison Heights.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has not yet received information from Oakland County, her spokeswoman, Maria Miller, told us today.

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Pugh left office without an explanation to staff members and his constituents, leaving a note that said he would be on sick leave. Pugh never returned to public office and resigned officially in September.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Shai_Hulud

    Well now we know why his house went into foreclosure. He could save tons by switching to xtube. Not that I would know anything about such sites.

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    He and Robert Davis belong in the same cell


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  • Samuel Hoadley

    I remember years ago before he was a councilman, he was the MC at a fashion show at WCCCD downtown campus and some male model got on stage an Pugh remarked, “oh,he can have me anyday”, a bunch of guys wanted to beat him up. Why they elected that Pervert that can’t balance his own budget and can’t control his urges beats the hell out of me.

    • Joan King

      What a sad state of affairs…we must be watchful always of our young adults. They’re beautiful and vulnerable.

      • Oberyn_Martell

        College students? If they aren’t prepared to start making their own decisions at that point then there’s no hope.

  • If you can’t refrain from using language like that you will be banned. FIrst warning.

  • A Chami

    “I give $100 for all solo vids”- obviously this isn’t CP’s first rodeo.

  • Do you think the offer is still good? I mean, I’ll make a video of me helicoptering it to Highway to the Dangerzone for $100. It will be like a mix of Top Gun and Night at the Roxbury.

    Also, I am about 100% certain is I did the same thing, I’d be in jail right now. Creeper!

  • bebow

    If Pugh’s action isn’t criminal, it’s certainly foul. Is this his idea of mentoring? Pugh wouldn’t pull this on mine and skip off to Harlem.

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