Expert: Rivalry between rappers requires intervention within own culture

Carl S. TaylorWhat is going on with our young men in the rap game? The latest battle with a rapper in the Doughboyz is attacked?

This incident is being transmitted to the world via social networking. Authorities are building cases on these events. Going public with your accounts will be used later against you in court.

The larger picture is that this fratricide, genocide allows others to use Urbicide against Detroit and other urban cities.Urbicide is the destruction of a city character by outside forces. Who needs external forces when you are killing each other?

Leadership must call upon those respected in this culture. We need to have activists who understand the language, symbols of an outlaw culture. In our research we have aptly called this, “Third City.” A place where violence rules. A place where those in the underground are infused with an underworld rule nearing anarchy.

The warring factions in these misunderstandings are the tip of the iceberg. No amount of fancy public relations. Denial and twisting of crime statistics will never erase the massive number of misunderstood beings in urban America. Detroit has experienced an out-of-control mindset that cannot be halted without honesty. N-words, social theories, illusions, realize you cannot beat it up, cannot lock it up, cannot kill it. New game, new understanding. Not converting folks. Need a compromise. No hope does mean something. For some caught in the streets it might be too late? Insanity running amok.

Contain it? Does it seem calmer? Safer? This incident is amongst young rappers; what does it say for everyday citizens? Is it safe in Emerald City? Public safety, perhaps for awhile … this thing is loose, in Philly, Chiraq, down South, Flint, and Detroit is the mecca of this madness. This is much more than simply gangs.

It is a counterculture that has evolved for the past half century.

No it is not most Detroit folks. Yet, what was once a few forgotten folks has been fueled by the consistent punitive social policies that build prisons and cut food stamps. The manifestation of hopeless families, people and children is ugly. Excuses will not stem the tide.

Look for yourselves at the Doughboyz incident online. Is this the revolution expected not to be televized? Well, seems this evolution, revolution is being social networked via streamed video courtesy of the new technology. Again, our youth need to know somewhere the authorities are happy to assemble their evidence against this self-destructive behavior and reporting.

Carl S. Taylor

Carl S. Taylor is a professor of sociology and African-American and African Studies at Michigan State University. He also writes for

  • James Corbett

    My relatives in Bloomfield Hills have not set foot in Cobo Hall in years, these actions reinforce their smart decisions.

  • Erectus Maximus

    I strongly recommend the “Professor”go to the campus bookstore and pick up a copy of William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well”, and a “Handbook of Current English”.

  • A Chami

    The rent is too damn high!

  • Dust Buster

    “build more prisons and cut food stamps” that is the problem. i understand mr taylors premise but when we have lowered the bar to the point that we feel if we dont keep the handouts coming then they will have nothing left but crime. these gang bangers had great great grandparents that in the 40’s 50’s and early 60’s had very similar demographics as their white counterparts e.g. legit birthrate, jobs, 2 parent married families etc.

    why do you think there are so many strong and proud ELDERLY black men and women. they didnt have these issues because they embraced respect (both themselves and others) hard work, religion, discipline etc. many of them were poor financially but not morally. programs like the lyndon johnson cash for failure programs started this.

    read what that wonderful democrat president said would happen with the black vote once his programs were made law. so now we have this almost pity for certain cultural class of people like they are mentally disabled. if we dont give them enough free stuff they will fail and they cant do it on their own because some invisible boogeyman is keeping a boot on their neck at every turn.

    humans that get their daily bread for free with no skin of their nose (when able-bodied) lose a lot of self respect, and respect of others. it creates an entitlement personality that leads to selfishness and lack of respect for others. you have it. i want it. so if i cant get it, i will take yours. in short the programs of the 60’s and liberalism as created a nanny state.

    the result is in both urban cities and trailer parks. food stamp fraud, welfare fraud, disability fraud etc. all of those numbers have skyrocketed in the last few years. the result is too many people dont even think it is stealing because they are getting over on someone or some program they contributed nothing to in the first place.

    there are millions of “poor” people all over the world and they are dignified. they dont automatically steal or commit crimes. they are very good people, just not rich material wise. when your kid is stealing but it isnt bread and diapers but big screens and chains then you have zero right to claim he is a good boy thats taking care of his family.

    in short lots of good people black white hispanic and all in between are very sick of this thug nonsense. most of us dont care to understaand them or their excuses because if you have that little respect for yourself or others that you would have 5 friends kick a guy in the head, drop chairs over them. smack women around then steal a chain and talk about how your crew will kill their crew over that b.s. then yall can go to hell.

    the truth is these programs are too deeply rooted in many areas and it wont go away any time soon. more handouts and fewer jails isnt the cause or the solution but it is a mode of keeping some of these idiots in check. sorry but i have greater expectations for human beings. its what makes us supposedly different from mountian lions, badgers, goldfish and chimpanzees

    • bebow

      The terrorists are unsocialized. Attempting to negotiate with this element is a fool’s errand. The message needs to be “conform to legal expectations or face elimination.” Aggressive enforcement action should follow, along with video of the perpetrators flopping like fish on the pavement, calling out for their mommas upon arrest. Domination by street folk isn’t tolerated in any community outside of Detroit in this area. The elected and appointed let the menace fester here, and they’re showing signs of willingness to continue the pattern. On the ground in the unselected neighborhoods, where unheard, unseen decent people are still paying taxes and trying to live, there is nothing academic about the situation.

    • Ricky Bobby

      While I agree with a lot of what was written above, I would not cast blame solely on the liberal safety net that was instituted in the sixties and fostered until now.

      We, as a society, are responsible for those around us who have not the means or the ability to make a better life for themselves. This does apply to a decent % of the lower class, as the mighty dollar has given life to greedy monsters as well. Those that have no price which will satiate their palate for wealth – and if that addiction means keeping those in their employ mentally/physically/emotionally dependent on their jobs; then you have a broken system as well. That is another argument however.

      I do agree we have reached a point where our establishment is now rewarding those that makes choices which negatively affect our society in general. Increasing the amount of assistance for additional children born is a losing proposition. Welfare without work requirements is a suicidal mistake as well. Entitlement can be directly linked to our culture shift (for the worse) should some scholar feel the necessity to write dissertation on it. And finally, the way our thug rapper culture holds crime, violence, denigrating women, etc., etc., upon the pedestal is about as counter-productive as something could get.

      Thug culture needs to be attacked head on. Otherwise, they get the impression that our society has a semblance of complacency.

  • bebow

    They’re terrorists. They’re interfering with our rights. They’re not free to operate outside of the law, threatening or inflicting violence and destruction on the rest of us. We have prisons to confine the violent and destructive. If there aren’t enough cells to hold all of Detroit’s offenders, we have bulldozers to scrape the earth clean. REMOVE THE CRIMINAL MENACE. DO IT NOW.