Detroit rappers take credit for brutal assault, robbery of Doughboyz star

Click here for update: HBK speaks out.

The beating was swift, severe and uneven.

About a dozen east-siders pummeled Young Jeezy’s artist HBK of Doughboyz Cashout and a friend at Cobo Hall on Wednesday in a video that has gone viral. The assault was followed by pledges of retaliation. 

The Motor City Muckraker has learned that two of those responsible are lesser-known rappers Icewear Vezzo and Green Guy Webbie, both of whom are clearly seen in the video assaulting HBK, a west-side rapper. Green Guy Webbie even stomped on HBK while he was knocked out. Both rappers took credit for the attack on Thanksgiving but backed off after they were bombarded with death threats on Instagram and Twitter this weekend.

Stolen necklaceGreen Guy boldly posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing an expensive necklace that was ripped off of HBK’s neck in the attack, heightening fears of a flashback to the violence that ended the lives of promising rappers Blade Icewood and Wipeout in 2004 and 2005. That, too, was a rivalry between east-side and west-side rappers.

Over the weekend, fans of Doughboyz Cashout pledged retaliation, and one even posted a $30,000 bounty on Green Guy’s head.

That was followed by other threats:

“Bitch I’m killing you and every nigga standing around you nigga when I see you pussy,” Jordon _Eljefe wrote to Green Guy on Instagram.

“U know u gone get kiled for that right?” Wanbeballin asked on Instagram.

“Ima be carrying yo head fucking with doughboyz you just killed yo self lil nigga,” 7mil_ wrote on Instagram.

Green Guy Webbie, who raps mostly about sex, money and violence, posted an explanation before quickly taking it down.

“Fuck whoever feel some type of way and don’t know wtf going on and don’t know anybody from neither sides so all u hoes and niggaz making fake threats don’t write a check u can’t afford to cash watch yo Fuking mouth,” Green Guy wrote.

Fans of the east-side rappers, though, warned to retaliate against any retaliation – echoing the cycle of violence that can follow such high-profile rivalries.

“If anything happen veez u think everybody in DBCO (Doughboyz Cashout) wont disappear?” Instagram user cashondeck313 wrote to Green Guy’s foes. “Start a war n we will finish it.”

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Authorities are concerned about a new rivalry between east-side and west-side rappers. Wipeout, an east-side rival, was shot and killed at a Woodward nightclub in 2004 following an argument over who had the original name “Chedda Boyz.” Two days later, Icewood from the rap group Street Lord’z was struck by a bullet in retaliation and ended up in a wheel chair before he was fatally shot seven times by an AK-47 assault rifle on April 19, 2005.

Icewear Vezzo offered what appeared to be his version of an apology over the weekend.

“Out of all my fans that personally met me should know that I’m bigger than snatching a chain that’s not even my character I’m very broke yea I did fight but I can’t control what other niggaz look as opportunity but I see now those wasn’t real fans just fake supporters buy y’all only make me stronger nobody cares about the good i do just the negative when we all made mistakes but now I’m the bad guy??”

Police are aware of the Wednesday attack and said they are doing whatever they can to prevent an escalation in violence.

Click here for update: HBK speaks out.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • kenya

    I’m from the D too and jumping a young dude cause he trying to do something and you not it lame! Them niggas jumped that boy and yeah that nigga can prove some shit by getting some other niggas to get em, but getting the papper and leaving them niggas in the dust will hurt em more. That east vs west is bull and is whats keeping the D back.

  • YaeYae

    HBK Got much respect on puritan from puritan and telly to mutha fuckin puritan and woodward. them teameast pussies aint on shit everynigga in dbc then sold and did they dirt in these streets and if you dont know that then you aint been in these streets to long boy yaeyae boys be going crazy frfr everybody know shoutout to W7Mile And fenkellave fuck the eastside niggas that dicksuck them purpin ass rappers vezzo copped pleas webbo got it comin stil aint nobody seen them pussies out fr lol free 23 pussies yaeyae

  • chris_m_h

    A real “anything” would do an honest job of sweating and being tired because he busted his ___ to bring home a paycheck.
    If you think talking tough or even fighting someone and winning will get you ahead in this world, I’d love to compare bankrolls and rap sheets with you.

  • Ben Hart

    It’s ironic how these rappers have willingly segregated themselves. Isn’t that what your ancestors fought so valiantly against in the 1950s and 1960s? Yet you piss away all of their work by splitting Detroit into two and starting a war.

    Fuck people from both the East and the West. All of them are punk motherfuckers for not rising up and putting an end to it.

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      east and west was 1st segregated by white vs black/light vs dark can all be taking back to the master letter that was wrote to segregate and brainwash.


    Violence is not the answer but sometimes in life vengeance is the way out… so HBK do your thing…

  • dontpissmeoff

    I thought it was a crime to step on someones head. No wonder Detroit is done. Might as well make it a big prison.

    • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

      it already is.. but it will be changing slowly!

  • The Missing Link

    Team Eastside just killed any hope for them to make it out the hood one day.

  • Dust Buster

    i heard on the baking dot com website that the pillsbury crew was fittin to wreck the doughboys. one of dem reaper crew said it will be poppin fresh and hot as an oven when we catch up to these bi%4es

  • whitewomenR_2EZ

    doughboy cashout is not recognized as real street N*ggas but thats what they rap about, In detroit n*ggas will test your street credibility

    • Dust Buster

      test your street credibility? wow nice way to legitimize something so idiotic and foolish. i bet you think there is some honor to what these azz-clowns do. its like saying they need to have food critiques do 10 page articles on the subtle yet gourmet differences between hot pockets and sliders. the good thing is darwinism is being practiced in real time. cull the heard so these unfit beings don’t breed and gift the decent folk with their prodigious offspring that will only continue the cycle of ignorant teens having ignorant babies on the taxpayers dime

      • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

        to those who live thet lifestyle it is honor in it. misguided? very very but its what they know. its what they have been surrounded with their whole life! like pac said how can you expect any different? its a completely different culture than you think you know. Its much deeper then they can display on television. you only get bits and pieces on the news. If you have not been brought up around it you would not understand it! its a way of life ppl just adjust to because its all they know! when all their hope has been taken away they adjust, and from that adjustment children are raised in that fashion not knowing any different its a circle or destruction! Who is to blame? the ppl who originally took away all hope for those ppl or the ppl them self for not having the will to find a better way?

  • whitewomenR_2EZ

    its not rap sh*t it detroit sh*t dont even get the 2 confused

  • Mearl Dunlap

    Really family all this craziness gotta stop cause some innocent peep gonna get hurt cause of some foolish action of others



  • Emmett Foster

    Classic…I would love to here where the moms and dads are today these young men…Furthermore this just more reason to not host these kinds of events are Cobo…A world class facility is not gear for this.What a disgrace….Get me some STOP AND FRISK POLICY ON THE STREETS BEFORE BULLETS START FLYING…. PLEASE CHEIF CRAIG….I’M ONE STEP AWAY FROM LOBBYING FOR BIG 4 RETURN.

  • Johnny Tapia

    Ok you got your ass beat. Just simply beat the other dudes asses one by one. Really killing somebody when HBK is fine, not in the hospital no broken bones nothing. But thats your life you’ll serve like a dumb ass… I strongly agree, raise your children right and hope they dnt turn out like this.

    • ihatefaggots

      U sound retarded 12 people jump 2 people its gun time

  • BDI

    Sad to see people bring race into this. This is not a race thing, this is an American thing. It’s borne and bred from American culture and values. There are shitty white people, shitty black people, shitty brown people, just like there are good whites, good blacks, good browns, etc. etc. etc. People really need to wake up and get over this racism horseshit. This is 2013 for chrissakes.

    • Dust Buster

      sorry but things like facts and demographics prove you are either unaware you are incorrect or you are lying to make yourself feel better. there is bad in all races but in this case it is a ghetto cultural black thing. if you say videos of white guys in bmw’s and 3 piece suits starting to ram each other on roads and running up and hitting each other in the head with a briefcase……..and they filmed it on their phones and yelled some slogan about how their firm or company was superior…it would be a cultural white thing.

      the second scenario i mentioned never happens but i used it to illustrate a point. if that was happening, i as a white person would want every one of those bmw guys to get nailed hard. it would never occur to me to defend them because they happen to have a similar skin tone to me. dirty culture is dirty culture. you can be lazy stupid and sing about it but dont bring your stupid violence to public venues

      • Bill Smith2


      • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

        That shit would never make the news because no one would care. society and media dont focus on what the whites with money are doing for too long. think about it.. who made news longer Michael vick for dog fighting, or Ben roethlisberger for for sexually assaulting a female in the bathroom?

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      agreed but its still exist today so good luck with that fight

    • T_Losan

      You need to wake up and recognize that we are not all equal and neither are the races.

  • Frontal Lobe

    “Green Guy Webbie, who raps mostly about sex, money and violence, posted an explanation before quickly taking it down.”

    Really, what else are they rapping about these days? That is like writing “The sun, mostly provides light during the afternoon hours.”

    • whitewomenR_2EZ


  • Ms Sky


  • Dust Buster

    i growd up in da hood wif hbk. used to throw snowballs at the mailman. one time i told him to put his tongue on a fence pole. it was about 20 degrees out. i told him that pole taste just like a gurl so he jump on and stick his tongue on it……his tongue stuck to that cold pole and he start screamin like a little girl. so some kids pullt his draws down and took his candy out his pockets. dat why he sound kinda light head retatet when he talk cause his tongue gots a big ole scar on it from dat frosen fence pole….real talk

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      lmao foolin

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      lmao foolin

  • 313Det313

    It was Wipeout not Whiteout, and Blade Icewood

  • Nicole

    All of them are a waste of space….I just hope in the midst of retaliation innocent people don’t get hurt

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      lmao the day doughboyz retaliate is the day that hell freezes, there should have already been retaliation the same day the 1st incident took place, sh*t a picture of my chain with another man wearing it would have never made it on the internet along with that video. Looks like a Real Dboy done robbed mr.softy for some of his ice cream being a new signed metro detroit artist obviously this is going to affect your image and credibility.

      • Dust Buster

        slow it cuz. i already done seen a video where hbk and his crew rode up fatgreens house on they bmx stunt bikes. they tore the grass up and bunny hopped on his mommas christmas decorations and shrubs. on the way out they knocked over his garbage cans so better check yourself before you say they soft

        • whitewomenR_2EZ

          yeah thats gangsta

      • Nicole

        I believe the fact people are calling them soft in spite of the hardcore image they display is going to be the driving factor that causes them to retaliate timing is the reason they haven’t reacted the police is all over this for once but blood will shed from this

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      lmao the day doughboyz retaliate is the day that hell freezes, there should have already been retaliation the same day the 1st incident took place, sh*t a picture of my chain with another man wearing it would have never made it on the internet along with that video. Looks like a Real Dboy done robbed mr.softy for some of his ice cream being a new signed metro detroit artist obviously this is going to affect your image and credibility.

  • valorie

    I just hope it doesn’t go into them killing each other cause that’s only gonna cause even more black on black crime cause at the end of the day all parties have family I’m sure they don’t want to see their people’s dead real talk it’s really sad but I don’t know what took place so I cant judge but I just hope it doesn’t lead to more deaths that we don’t need

    • Dust Buster

      yes black on black crime is bad. its kinda ok if its black on white or mexican on black but black on black is extra important to stop.

  • _Eli_No_Manning

    This shit is dumb, Stuff like this is the main reason they are kicking all of the black people out of Detroit and moving more white people in. We do it to ourselves.

    • Dust Buster

      how does a majority black run city “kick black people out?” also where do they end up? serious question

      • Se7enMile

        we do have a white mayor now….jus sayin

        • Dust Buster

          you are on a roll. keep flowin with the idea and ask eli_no_proof_or_facts to explain his theory

      • Beck

        It’s the criminals and thugs that are driving all the good people out of the city. Nobody in their right mind would want to sit by and live like that. Can’t blame them one bit. It’s the same old story since 1967.

      • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

        BLACK PPL DONT RUN DETROIT we just live there for now. But anyone who knows anything about history will tell you that it repeats its self. all the new buildings and improvements that are scheduled to come. who do you think is paying for them. who do you think will have the money to move into the new developments scheduled to come. oh you may not have heard of those yet, but they are coming. easiest way to get rid of a group of ppl is to let them get rid of themselves, and what does it look like we are doing? advertising this mess only spreads the madness. now other ppl who are not involved have a chance to make a name for themselves by going out and doing something stupid to retaliate on something that didnt even involve them.~~~~ kind of a rant but this shit is soo stupid!!! doing it to ourselves and dont even care

  • Lovelyone Alwayzz

    Did ya’ll not see these same dudes rush girls and shit at EMU!! Hbk, payroll, chaz,clay ect… Im sorry but I don’t feel bad for them at all!! Wanna cry about a chain…. Youtube the snake shit Dbc be doing!!! Tough with numbers…. Smh

  • ajwilli5

    whats sad is both groups’ music sucks

  • The one and Only

    It’s disgusting that people are on here bickering about what happened, violence is violence no matter who commits it, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, it’s all the damn same, but what’s so sad, because a lot of the people that’s doing the crimes, don’t stop to think for one second, how this is harming and poisoning the minds of the youth including there family members, kids if they have them, coming up after them statistics shows that in Detroit most crimes are done by kids(young teens between the ages of 14-19) not shocked at all by that, look at what there exposed to everyday, there becoming products of their environments, instead of these young men showing that there is a light at the other end of tunnel, and showing respect for the ones that made it out of the hood, they want to keep up this dumb ass rivalry. No side is best if both sides are steady losing, Just a thought, get it together.

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      hypocrite join the bickering

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      hypocrite join the bickering

  • 2kooltheboss

    Sad thing about this is somebody still gone get a record deal behind this shiy when the music Garbage and skilled artist have to go threw hell to get a deal. They want artist like this to combine and misslead the youth.

  • r0bynbanks

    I know Violence is everywhere…but I can at least go where the crime rates are low and where the laws are a lil more strict, and thats just what I did. In 2006, I got the f**K up out Detroit and never looked back. My son is 9, and I couldnt imagine him ever living there. I use to take pride in being from Detroit, until I watched it from afar…now all I can do is pray for a city that doesn’t realize it deserves so much better.

  • Dust Buster

    i been in da game ole school. i was busin rhymz and i be knowin tupac when he in diapers. me and cool moe dee used to kick it and i once dunked on and scored 35 points in a pickup game agaisnt cassie russell so i know im sayin. yall fools is stupid. that fat greenie look like he have a heart attack if he ran fast across the street. i make better rhymzez talkin in my sleep dan des fools. punk azz bustas ima come down there iwh my homie biz markie and get real ghetto on day azzez…real talk

  • Victoria Lamport

    This is the problem with our society now adays..all these young talented rappers trying to fricking kill one another..stupidity!! I say why don’t the East side and West side rappers all come together and create something Great it Detroit’s Best….Quit being segregated from one another and come together.. hasn’t all great projects come from collaboration from EVERYONE TOGETHER?? STOP THE VIOLENCE…. STOP THE HURT AND PAIN..SHOW OUR YOUNGER GENERATIONS THAT YOU ALL DO HAVE A BRAIN!!! GOD BLESS…V.

    • bdcanuck

      Talented? Are you sure?

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      im sorry we are just doing what you taught us to do it may be irreversible embedded in our dna.

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      im sorry we are just doing what you taught us to do it may be irreversible embedded in our dna.

    • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

      talented rappers? I turn on the radio and hear bullshit all day! ppl rapping about money, hoes, cars, and ppl aspire to be like the individuals laying down these worthless tracks. it only sells because the youth craves this meaningless shit. its sad that these are the role models for the kids. its a sad sad cycle of destruction that will continue to get bigger and bigger! ppl allow themselves to be influenced by this fast money, fast cars, fast hoes music. and then be upset when they get a long sentence, or a burning STD. ppl need to wake up and stop being lazy.

  • mysbeyondU

    I dont feel it was at all right for those guys to do that to HBK bt I think he should worry about his career and not try to come back whatever he do reflects back to Jeezy….let the streets talk cause we all kno they are bt dont worry about that continue yur journey in the music industry dont throw it away over a fight…. God will punish the ones who did that to him no need for DBCO to ruin their contracts I would just come back stronger its the wise thing to do

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      you reap what you sow and look what they rap about and they are not even real street n*gga, fake imposters

    • whitewomenR_2EZ

      you reap what you sow and look what they rap about and they are not even real street n*gga, fake imposters

      • whitewomenR_2EZ

        and now every street n*gga in detoilet is going to try to get they A$$

        • whitewomenR_2EZ

          sh*t im thinking about going to snatch me a chain off of one off them

  • Joe Diriex

    I know I will never support anything green guyz or vezzo do now that’s for sure

    • joe schmoe

      but you support hbk betting girls up, or that shit they did in emu, or what about he is known to be a big shit talker in the detroit rap circles and his crew always in the middle of shit, getting beat up and fighting everywhere they go..

      • whitewomenR_2EZ

        Look Im from the D Ive seen 1v1 fights and even started fight amongst other individuals, ive been in shoot outs and in between shoot outs of others and I WORK FOR A LIVING. but i have also seen people get outnumber and massacre. In a situation like that you can only get who you can and get out of there (retreat/retaliate) one must think/use more sense in order to act in the proper manner preferably in a setting that one can control the outcome.

  • Semper Fi Detroit

    The poverty stricken issues that exist in and around Detroit are deeply rooted! Not only is it economical poverty, it’s social, it’s mental, it’s physical… it’s horrible. Expecting the attempt of violence in such settings is ignorant. I think Young Jeezy is partial to blame too! These guys are now Professional rap artists. They can NOT… continue to carry on life/business the way they did before May of this year. They should’ve had professional, licensed, bonded, armed security with them during such an event just to prevent the potential.
    I recently attended Lil Wayne’s concert at the Joe… YMCMB had police escorts. I’m just sayin… these guys are feeding or are in a position to feed a lot of people if they play their cards right. Ever played Chess? You protect your KINGS no matter the terrain, threat, territory, etc..
    Semper Fi!

  • Gary

    Please, keep it in the neighborhoods.

    • Semper Fi Detroit

      Please, stay in the burbs.

      • Gary

        Unbecoming soldier, or are you a fake?

        • Semper Fi Detroit

          The poverty stricken issues that exist in and around Detroit… To “keep it in the neighborhoods.” doesn’t address the issue of ignorance or violence. Authenticity is overrated. You’re Welcome for helping to keep you safe against all enemies foreign and domestic from ’95 – ’00.

  • JP

    Uugghhh idiots. This makes me sick!!!!


    Fuck em, let them kill each other. Detroit is better off without them.

  • shutdafrtdoor


  • Corey Collins

    Where im from muskegon mi and if 10 or ppl jump on one person somebody gotta to die somebody gotta go its the way streets work if u not from the hood u wont and will not understand u on the outside lookin in real talk

    • M Hopper

      Thanks for proving a point.

      Being articulate and using actual english… A couple of skills you just might to brush up on.

  • Dre Sabbath

    Im a bouncer at Ultimate Sports Bar, formerly Lucky’s. And we never ever let DBCO or Team Eastside in our establishment. We had a few problems with DBCO before and ultimately banned them for their reckless behavior. I remember DBCO and Team Eastside had a shootout at Pandemonium before it closed down. So its sad to say but this is far from over. Blood will more than likely be shed on both ends.

  • Blackisfuc eastside

    The EastSide is the Black Cloud

  • Blackisfuc eastside

    Cant spell the West without the ES

  • jinnyc

    This is why the game in Detroit can’t blow up. Dudes constantly tearing each other down and killing each other. Did any of you stop JUST ONE SECOND to think that the way to success in the rap game is by STAYING ALIVE?!!? Best example I can think of is Ca$h Money down in NOLA.

    Birdman, Juvenille, Weezy, and all of them came up with Bounce Music and by AVOIDING the violence and giving ill azz shows, they got PAID and lived to feed their shorties. Now their music is worldwide while Detroit is still waiting — AFTER 30 YEARS — to come up. Keep that nonsense up, and you gon’ keep waiting

    • disqus_0epAcE5hWN

      what are you talking about? maybe you didn’t hear about the members who were murdered? or the members going to jail for violent crimes! they dont have security to protect them from the fans! they have security for those ppl out there looking to retaliate from the past! MOTOWN WAS DETROIT!! but as society changed and ppl started to listen to “gangsta rap” that MOTOWN style of music is a blessing that is in the past thank GOD for the ability to record.

  • Tony Willis

    Who cares. whatever happens, I hope those fags stop making shitty music. They can all get fucked

  • shabazz777

    that so sad how these young brothers are so full of self hate.
    my son who is a detroit rapper ,who is locked up for some dum shit ( g.thuggz who used to fuck with them doughboyz cashout) needs to stop believeing in the shit they say.
    but i do say after seeing the video, had that been my son ,fuck that rap shit. and as a man i would have to react as a man

  • Ciera Raven

    Blacks are at war with each other and for what? Who is gonna get rich from all this? Who is gonna gain something worth something for killing another person. Take a man’s life and spend the rest of yours in prison just so you can say, ” I got my respect.” It seems us black people target each other all day, but sit back and let the gov’t rape our assets and resources and steal the city of Detroit from the black people, close the schools, limit access to the police, and drive up the cost of utilities. Why not put that energy into demanding a little respect for our place in the world. West or East why fight over something you dont even own? They are taking it from you!!!!!

  • Tanka Norman Luvin MyLife

    I just wish everybody could get alone shid yall show be making hits together not fighting each other yall both from the D shid show the other city’s yall better then dis shit rite here just stop all.the beefing before sumone end up dead rft…

  • Bmack327EZ

    Man I’ve live between Inkster and Detroit all of my life and I left 20 plus yrs ago. During the time I was at the crib, family and countless friends were murked in order to keep a reputation that garnered nothing but a few clown followers. I’m not Dr, King but here’s a stat for you ass………..359 ppl mostly black have been shot or killed by chicago police since 1998. They don’t give two shits if you kill each other or not bc their intentions is to hurt and kill you. I’m a spoken word artist, a lyricist, old school rapper and then some but I want to see the D grow up and get on top where we belong. From 7mile and Greenfield to 8mile and Ohio or Ferry Park, Charmers and Houston-whittier, all of the D. United we stand, divided we fall. Don’t become a victim to understand these sentiments.

  • Cedric Thomas

    Webbie fat ass should,nt na took a pic with the chain on if he did,nt want niccas going afta his neck ! To late now u fatt fuck.

  • Renee

    Deroit Police Don’t Ever Do Shit . You Call Them And They Show Up 3 Hours Late . Detroit Police Ain’t Shit But A Legalized Gang . They Aren’t Going To Do Shit About The Situation… And By The Time They Do , Someone Might Already Be Dead . What’s The Point In Having Police If They Don’t Do Their Fucking Job And Get To Where They’re Supposed To Be ON TIME . Most Cops Don’t Even Follow The Laws Themselves . Running Red Lights And Shit…. Yea , That’s A Good Influence On The People Of Detroit . Next Time I’m Driving And I See A Cop Run A Red Light , I’m Gunna Do The Same And I Dare Them To Pull Me Over ! Sorry Officer , I Was Just Going With Your Influence . Why Are They Allowed To Get Away With Shit And Not Follow The Law . But Anyway , I Hope Team Eastside Gets Their Asses Handed To Em . Yea Their Music Is Good … But DBC Been Here Before Them And Will Be Here After Them . All These Rappers Need To Grow Up And Stop Being Ignorant Little Fucks .

    • Blackisfuc eastside

      What how dbco went to that school and jumped on them kids …..cycle killa for every killa team East Side served dbco just like they did them kids . What gos around comes around

  • j simms

    Haters when was the last time a group from Detroit gets a major record deal these fools here dont how strong Detroit can get with rap game but don’t pull together and network together look at ATL artist are getting major like hotcakes…..

  • Darnell Mac


    • Beck

      How about being tired of all the crime in general? Nobody wins this kind of game.

  • Lin

    All this junk stupid.. they suppose to be about they money not beef… If something happens common since will tell who did what cause they posted what was gone be done on the internet.. how dumb.. how you gone make money if you locked up. They too noisey about bs. Bad for business.. young entertainers…. Ignorance won’t get anyone far

  • harmony

    Fact of the matter is disrespect is disrespect & I Am pretty sure at this point that is all HBK is feeling is disrespect. I was reading the comments and I see that a few people mentioned race it has nothing to do with it at all so let’s not be ignorant about the situation. EVERY RACE has issues with violence so let’s not go there &&as far as parenting. As a kid your parent /parents teach u the difference between wrong & right. It’s up to you to take that knowledge & utilize it.. so you can’t say that either.Everyone has an opinion but you can’t get mad at them for their thoughts even if they do sound stupid. &If you don’t know these people (HBK &greenguy webbie ) personally Do You Really Think They Give A Fuck About your opinion??.. I don’t think so… so why argue with someone about the situation when neither of u know these guys, hung out with them on a day to day base,chilled with them.smoked, drank, or partied with them on a personal level…No One Knows What’s Going To Happen But The People That’s Involved. Stop The Ignorance.

    • The one and Only

      Well put

    • Beck

      It doesn’t matter whether we know them or not. I’m sure they don’t care, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still allowed to have an opinion about it.



  • Eric Douglas

    We blast GPP racial profiling…where was Cobo security?

  • Chris

    The 5th element of Hip Hop is knowledge of self as god. They think they’re gods and can do whatever they want and that’s what they’re doing. They rap about violence and send those spirits out into the atmosphere and when you do that it will always come full circle. This didn’t start in Detroit and won’t end here either. If they don’t repent, follow Christ and break the circle of hate, they will all die just like Icewood, Wipeout and all the other rappers before them.

  • catmando1980

    Good. Kill each other. We don’t care-in fact,we laugh at this nonsense.

  • A Chami

    In the 90s there were two housing projects in Inkster located about a mile apart. Fate, availability, etc… would probably determine residence. But these knuckleheads from the two projects declared war on each other and the consequences were violence and murder. Same mentality, or lack thereof.

  • Latisha Eggleston

    Detroit vs. Detroit Smmfh Dummies

  • Tyrell Littlemsattitude Simmon

    What was written. About blade was not facts . He got shot 7x with an ak still lived to see another day than got shot an killed . If these facts aren’t correct makes me wounder about the rest of the article

  • Cedric Thomas

    Dont know, Think its to late to back out now.

  • Sonja Mack

    I do know one thing, PARENTS BETTER starting putting their foot in some asses before they grown up and become monsters like these.

    • Beck

      True no matter your situation or where you come from. Good parenting can make a world of difference.

      • KARTER6

        Nobody plans on getting attacked, you make a terrible assumption. You can’t control everything, know matter the upbringing.

        • Beck

          True you can’t help the actions of others and I don’t wish anything like this upon anyone. However I do believe that this can go right back to parenting among other factors. These kids are running wild.



  • Sonja Mack

    they need to get rid of hip hop but the white jews love making money off of you all. I don’t like it at all not a slave to this.

  • Iamvandyke Mrgoodsense

    Now its a real shame these dumb ass ppl act like news reporters and video everything they see…… Its another shame that these dudes rap all that tough shyt and can’t fight, and need guns, that’s a crying shame. I think they need to sing or pick a better profession other than poppin slick over a nice beat like they really about violence when they not… This shyt real and is not for everybody……!!!!

  • Iamvandyke Mrgoodsense

    The real shame is the fans and the wack ass media that expose shyt like this to sabotage ones character. Black on black violence been around since black kings and queens were slave owners. It wasn’t publicized when the first assault happened to the Eastside Guy! Or was it? This shyt happens all the time and it’s not considered until the Bytch ass media gets involved. Just because those men got a little money and a little fame, its a shame…. Its a shame that y’all not voting correctly and allowing republicans to stick Dick to America…..

  • Polo Mayweather

    U have a lot of facts wrong but u came close it was really 20 on 20 five fights happening all at once u only seen hbk’s footage

  • dkn

    This article all fucked up. Blade got shot with with the ak 7 times first then got shot again and died plus u mispelled everything estupido

  • Curtis Greene

    I hate to play the Devil’s advocate but if HBK is really from streets it’s on now and nobody can change his mind. I don’t condone violence but I understand streets. I’m from the Linwood and Dexter area and the way these guys attacked HBK his reputation is on line and that’s not good for his gangsta rap career or his ghetto pass. I hope they don’t kill each other but this doesn’t look good.

    • Sonja Mack

      shame how a person will try to keep their “rep” in order to impress others and to kill

      • John Dough

        Take a young man who has all the odds stacked against him from skin color, criminal record and education and give him a legal avenue to make millions and one of the few personal character attributes necessary is being challenged and it’s a catalyst for violence to protect it. This is much bigger than impressing people his rep is part of his profit generating brand. He’s creating a fortune from it so when his rep is tarnished so is his profit potential.

    • valorie

      So true

  • miss mo

    Wow this is so stupid. Smh. Both the west and east are poor, crime and drug infested and falling apart. Im ashamed of both groups. We are the future and are destroying it. We kill, steal, fight and cheat each other. Its distasteful and as a black woman I am terrified of what’s to come. Fighting over nothing even worth verbalizing! Blah!

  • anitria

    Its been like this for year starting with poc n biggy…west n east always gone fight n nt only whn it come to the music ind….i hope no one has to loose there life but somebdy hving to almost loose there life bc thy doin a lil better is fuckd up…our young black pple hve to stop killing eachother n make a future for one another its saddd

  • Dust Buster

    what a bunch of ignorant fdools. silly nick names and beyond azinine posts and comments. darwinism lives. this is like watching a shark and a crocodile fight……nobody cares which one wins and nobody cares if they kill each other

    • Toka313

      Silly nick names….says Dust Buster.

      • bdcanuck

        Wakka Wakka!

  • William Morris

    What a shame! More black on black violence!!! You don’t see any other race on U.S. soil killing each other off like young African Americans! Some of the older, more conscious rappers and entertainers from Detroit should step in make this madness cease before something worse happens! Today’s youth have ruined hip hop and it’s purpose. I’m sitting here in disbelief, thinking about this incident and praying these young men wake up…

    • Recognize

      Shut the fuck up what that bullshit. While this situation might be stupid, you sound stupid too! It is just as much white on white, brown on brown crime if not more. White people shooting up their schools and blowing other white people up. More so innocent people that they’ve never even had an issue with. So before you try to stereotype a race, you better check your own!

      • Beck

        Check our own? You’re saying not to stereotype a race and yet your post is all about white people this and white people that. Please cite your sources. Oh that’s right you didn’t bother to collect any, but of course it’s easier to sit there and be ignorant to the facts. Well here are a few statistical facts for you to digest in the meantime,

        The Department of Justice reported, “from 1980 through 2008 that 84 percent of white homicide victims were murdered by whites and that 93 percent of black victims were murdered by blacks. During this same period, blacks were disproportionately represents among homicide victims and offenders. Blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide.”

        So if these are the facts and there are more whites in this country than blacks how is it that whites commit just as much if not more of the crime? The answer is easy, it’s statistically impossible. These are homicide statistic, but I’m sure I could find something similar for just about any violent crime.

        • Sonja Mack

          wrong there are more blacks than whites don’t forget to include non whites such as Hispanics etc.

          • Beck

            You better check the 2010 census statistics. Non-hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the U.S. population whereas non-hispanic african americans made up only 12.2%. Hispanics of any race made up 16.4%. Unless things literally changed overnight the statistics are likely to be pretty consistent even since the 2010 data was collected.

          • Beck

            You better go back and check your 2010 census statistics. Non-hispanic whites made up 63.7% of the U.S. population whereas non-hispanic african americans made up 12.2%. Hispanics of any race made up 16.4% of the population. So unless things literally changed overnight I would expect the data to remain fairly consistent since it was collected in 2010.

          • Sinque Barber

            Hispanics are reported as Caucasian, check the Census Bureau records

          • Beck

            You’re dead wrong and maybe you should check the records instead. You come off as purely lazy when you don’t take the time to research your position. Hispanics can be counted as any race since they are not considered a race in and of themselves. The Census Bureau actually makes this distinction in the 2010 data. For instance someone from the Dominican Republic or any latin american country who is black can also be considered hispanic. Might I suggest reviewing Table 1 in the White population PDF or Table 1 in the Black population PDF below. It says the non-hispanic or latino white population is 63.7% of the total population as I stated before. Respectively, the hispanic or latino white population is 8.7% of the total population. Together they account for 72.4%.

            White population:

            Black population:

        • Recognize

          Beck shut your stupid ass up! Bc you didn’t understand anything I said, if you thought it was about stereotyping. Just the fact that you would bring up “stats”.. LOL The ignorance! Do you really think I care about a stat sheet created by a bigot census group/government. LOL Take your stupid ass on! I didn’t stereotype. If anything I put us all on an equal playing field. I spoke the truth and I meant exactly what I said! Now stroll on little one! & put that in your stats bitch!

      • amber

        Everyones here is wayyy off topic! Maybe thats the problem with our society. Too concerned with the trivialities to recognize the real problem and thats peoples lack of decency morals and values!

        • Recognize

          Obviously your reply should’ve been to William. Bc I was clearly responding to him. So I was very much on the topic that I was responding to. Move along!

      • William Morris

        Why does there have to be disrespect towards me, saying I sound stupid? Why don’t you just wake up and show me some statistics first before you speak again, I’ve done my homework! I’m not some “pro-black”, preachy dude, I’m just telling it as I see it!!! You may need to check YOURSELF!!!

        • Recognize

          And I told your ass how it is! If you couldn’t understand what I said then my point was proven, stupid!

    • heisabeast

      I see white people running up in theaters schools churches malls and killing everybody themselves white black children or whatever stop downing our race cause majority of the people in prison are white

      • Beck

        Not saying it doesn’t happen with white folk shooting up malls, churches, theaters and so forth but those seem to be very isolated incidents. In the real world I see black on black shootings and murder on the news daily. It’s a toxic epidemic that is tearing apart families and turning communities against one another.

        • M Hopper

          Exactly. No one is saying that other crime, terrible crime, occurs, but this trend of black on black violence has gone on for far too long. And the problem is that it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

          From the article: “Green Guy Webbie, who raps mostly about sex, money and violence.”

          These are the people the current generation of thugs idolize and emulate not to mention the next up-and-coming generation thugs, so it’s no wonder why things are as bad as they are. it’s a never ending circle of idiocy. I don’t listen to this type of filth, but I am willing to bet that if the majority of these “songs” are about sex, money and violence, the remaining percentage aren’t about community activism, respect to your neighborhood and/or church and general goodwill. I’d love for someone to prove me wrong.

          Also, you can have all the Sharptons, Jacksons and even Cosbys of the world come in and preach on about how this kind of behavior shouldn’t be condoned and how these fools are doing nothing but putting yet another black eye on their own race, but it’s all just useless talk. Those messages never filter down to the level of the animals running the streets.

          I don’t have the answer but I wish to hell I did.

    • amber

      Does it really matter the color?? No!! Everyones killing everyone. White or black we all stand the same in front of god! I agree with the other comment. Morals start at home!

      • Beck

        No it doesn’t matter. This sort of thing has no place in our world whether you’re black, white, orange or purple. I do believe its gone too far though and something needs to be done to curb the violence.



  • bebow

    Cue the bulldozers. We’ve seen and heard enough from the big baby boys.

  • Big Bill

    My goodness! They sure seem to be excitable youth. All kinds of hijinks and monkeyshines going on. It makes for very entertaining video. I was surprised there was to gunplay. Do the police frisk them before they come inside?