Top Bing official resigns over EM’s lack of transparency

spiritofdetroitA key member of Mayor Dave Bing’s administration resigned over serious questions about how Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr was spending tens of million of tax dollars.

Detroit’s chief procurement officer Andre DuPerry, who was part of the mayor’s turnaround team, said he could no longer work with Orr and his staff because they routinely steamrolled the competitive bidding process and operated in the dark. He expressed concerns about money spent on consultants and attorneys, who include Orr’s former law firm, Jones Day. His former colleagues have already received about $3.5 million in attorney fees, we reported last month.

“The actions of the emergency manager, his staff and consultants have made it impossible for me to feel confident that there is currently transparency, fairness and good judgment being exercised in the best interests of the people I serve,” according to DuPerry’s resignation letter, obtained by Motor City Muckraker. “The emergency manager’s inconsistency and lack of compliance with the competitive bid and contract approval processes is extremely concerning to me.”

Under the state’s controversial emergency manager law, Orr has unprecedented authority to award contracts to whomever he chooses and spend tax dollars without council or mayoral approval.

The process of appointing an emergency manager in Detroit was paved in lies and secrets, which came to light in e-mails between the city and state. Even supporters of the EM have criticized Orr’s office for its lack of transparency.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • StretchRun

    Everyone warned Detroiters that bankruptcy would cost Detroit many millions in legal fees. The people who are suing Detroit are hiring top notch attorneys. You can’t expect to win against the banks and unions with a bunch of ambulance chasing lawyers who charge $100 an hour. You need top legal minds representing you or the costs of losing the lawsuits will be even more expensive. The best idea is to elect politicians who know what they are doing so you don’t go bankrupt to begin with.

  • I guess the consensus is Detroit had no problems until the Emergency Manager showed up. Before the EM Detroit had yearly balanced budgets, The pensions were fully funded, the neighborhoods were prospering and the crime rate was nonexistent.

    The DWSD was not under the watchful eye of the Environmental Protection agency and the city is not billions of dollars in debt. The city did not lose 1,000,000 people over the last half century. There were no abandoned homes that were looted and firebombed. Detroit was just a movie set for a science fiction movie rented out to Hollywood.

    They say that the first step for an alcoholic to recover is to admit he has a problem. Many in Detroit have not yet gotten there.

    Is the city operating perfectly under an emergency manager? No! Did Snyder screw up in the way he implemented the takeover? Yes! Is there a problem of the state controlling everything without someone representing the city? Yes!

    Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Let’s fix it and make Detroit great again….

    • bdd44m5

      So the whole negated EFM practice by a majority vote of the state is OK, fine and the right track as long as your vote still counts in local elections and it’s not your millions of dollars being spent?

      Why does the city owe the pension funds 3.5 billion? Because instead of paying what they were by law required to pay, as Orr did in June (44 million) the city did not, Instead they paid for tax breaks for the corporate welfare queens downtown who have money but only buy low and get tax abatement;s, reductions, and eliminations while at the same time the city pays for every bit of infrastructure right up to their front doors, and spend 2 cents of every dollar in the neighborhoods,

  • Dave Dowhan

    Does this surprise anyone?