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FBI: DPS official accused of stealing millions from kids

The ceaseless cycle of suspected corruption continues in Detroit after the FBI Wednesday raided the home of a former Detroit Public Schools official who is accused of stealing millions of taxpayers meant for students, authorities confirmed this morning.

Agents swarmed the home and business of Carolyn Darden, who served as the district’s director of grants – a position that would have given her access to tens of millions of dollars.

She is accused of stealing roughly $6 million aimed at the national program, “No Child Left Behind.”

The theft, if true, is a callous crime against students in a cash-strapped district that often can’t supply students with toilet paper, books and a safe environment.

A federal affidavit alleges Darden steered millions of dollars to a business, MI-Learning Unlimited, that she set up to tutor students while working for the district.

No arrests have been made yet.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • watertime

    You would be amazed at how much money they give back because procurement can not get PO’s out and receive on items in time.

  • StretchRun

    It is mind boggling when you look at the percentage of people in Detroit elected to office who steal. Detroit has the same level of corruption as third world countries. DPS Board Members and Administrators over the past few decades have actually been bigger thieves than people at City Hall. This report on DPS by Dan Rather is shocking but just scratches the surface of what I have read over the years.

    Pull up a chair. You’ll be horrified and amazed.

    • bebow

      You’ve got to love Deanna Williams. There are many others like her. As I’ve said before, educational genocide does, in fact, involve death. Calloway called this 40 year pogrom “chaos by design” to signify an awareness of it as deliberately inflicted. She was correct. Why should non-Detroiters care if the elected and appointed choose to continue perpetrating death by inches on Detroit children? The fallout is costing everyone big time. A solution to the problem must begin with calling it by name and recognizing it as deliberately inflicted: EDUCATIONAL GENOCIDE. Thereafter, the course is straightforward. No excuses for evildoing by evildoers.

      • StretchRun

        Her comment ” chaos by design ” stuck with me too. It describes perfectly what Detroit politicians have been doing to create conditions amenable to corrupt practices. They create racial tension to create a diversion and to get elected, then the checks and balances that are found everywhere in business and in government are eroded away.

        Since the system can no longer expose white collar theft, the politicians and administrators in both DPS and city government are free to work their ‘under the table’ deals. What makes it especially onerous in the case of the DPS is that they are stealing from the children’s futures, and are directly responsible for the 47% illiteracy rate in the city.

        Essentially they have created the third world conditions from which Detroit cannot escape with third world corrupt political practices.

      • StretchRun

        When Deanna started talking about the opportunities to learn in suburban schools that clearly did not exist at Henry Ford High School, tears started rolling down her cheek. It was a poignant moment. All she wanted was an opportunity to escape poverty.

  • Visual Ronin

    apparently, according this woman, the program was called “Nothing Carolyn Left Behind”

  • bebow

    Start fixing another prison cell. Under the circumstances, if convicted, she deserves life. Life was the sentence she handed out to the students.