Did support for white candidate in Detroit provoke break-in?

lisa howze press picFormer state Rep. Lisa Howze told me Wednesday night that she worried about a backlash after she endorsed Mike Duggan, who is white, for mayor of Detroit earlier in the day.
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All day, she was the subject of venomous, unfounded accusations that she was paid off or promised a job within Duggan’s administration if he wins the November general election.

Ten minutes after hanging up the phone with me, Howze was upstairs in her house when she heard suspicious noises on the first floor. She hid under the bed and called 911, telling the operator that she feared she might be a target of retaliation for her endorsement.

Her neighbor reported seeing five or six people enter the back door.

When police arrived about 20 minutes later, Howze found nothing missing but $53 in cash.

A few hours later on Faceboook, Howze questioned whether the intrusion was tied to her endorsement.

“While everybody on Facebook was frantic all day Tuesday about my endorsement of Mike Duggan for Mayor, 5 men kicked in my door while I was home,” she wrote. “The only thing taken was $53 in cash that I had on my desk. Do you think this was a coincidence?”
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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • Ronald Diebel

    For God’s sake, buy a shotgun. You have a responsibility not only to yourself, but to your neighbors as well. Allowing the opportunity to kill these criminals to pass, only means more of our city’s vulnerable can expect to be attacked.

  • bebow

    It’s seems more likely her elevated public profile started neighborhood terrorists’ tongues wagging, and then, a plan was hatched. In the neighborhoods, criminals spend all day and night sliding up and down the streets, scoping, interacting with each other, sizing up potential targets, and planning their next capers. Howze said she speaks to neighborhood youth and believed that would afford her protection. She was wrong; whatever she said provided information and incentive to the criminals, as did broadcasting she is unarmed and dives under a bed when attacked. Howze needs to send a message through the neighborhood terrorist network by informing the nearest prostitute of her intention to cause future attackers’ mommas to take up collections. A few minutes later, the terrorists will all be on notice of her freshly sharpened teeth. Anyone who cannot manage the neighborhood terrorists cannot manage the city. Perhaps mayoral hopefuls should be required to live unguarded for one full year in an unpoliced neighborhood to demonstrate their terrorist handling skills, and no fair name-dropping when calling 911.

    • Rubber_necker

      Very well said.