Foe: Duggan team plotted to fix Detroit’s mayoral election

Tom-Barrow-4Perennial mayoral candidate Tom Barrow, who successfully got frontrunner Mike Duggan removed from the primary election ballot this summer, has returned with claims of a massive plot to defraud voters.
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Barrow filed a petition today for a manual recount of the Aug. 6 primary election, suggesting write-in candidate Mike Duggan’s campaign team perpetrated “a complex scheme using hundreds and hundreds” of people to overlook fraudulent votes.

Barrow, who garnered just 4% of the vote and demanded a recount

in the 2009 mayoral election, contends Duggan’s campaign paid volunteers to overlook “thousands and thousands” of write-ins with identical handwriting.

Mike Duggan

“The ballots were counted as valid votes when they were bogus and fraudulent,” Barrow charged.

One of Barrow’s claims may sound familiar. He claims a seedy group,, was illegally gathering volunteers to monitor election results. It’s the same group that he claimed in November 2009 was spotted taking “large bags and backpacks” to the absentee counting station.

Duggan’s campaign quickly dismissed the claims as nonsense.

Barrow is expected to make an announcement at 8 tonight on Detroit Political Radio. 
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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • Tracey

    Did anyone see the story on the Detroit News website that announced the Detroit Board of Canvassers had revealed a change in election results? Turns out they say that Napoleon won the primary with 28,391 votes to Duggan’s 23,970. Remember when they originally said Duggan won with a 46% to 30% tally?

    This flip flop announcement may mean that Tom Barrow (aka “The Pat Paulsen of Detroit’) is right this time and a recount is in order. Heaven help us if it turns out this nut may actually have a valid point. We’ll never hear the end of him if that’s the case….

  • Tracey

    Did you know that Sisyphus, when translated into English, means Tom Barrow? It’s a fact!

  • Jim Saunders

    one needs a hobby!

  • David Townshend

    Don’t worry. It won’t take long to recount all of Barrow’s 3,960 votes!

  • Why doesn’t he present his evidence to the FBI:)

  • Prince Clyde Darnell Lynch

    Barrow’s & others citizens/governmental servants &/or etc. experience & expertise can be put to use to aid/assist others if it applies? But you know all if not the majority of the DMC employees & others voted for him…

    • javierjuanmanuel

      huh? DMC employees cannot vote for him, or are you saying it is morally or ethically wrong?

      Can cops, ems, fire vote for Napoleon?

      Can hateful old black panthers, pan africans, socialists, etc vote for barrow? What is your point.

      Your no price you are a court jester.

      • Prince Clyde Darnell Lynch


        People all ways use race instead of where citizen’s conduct unconstitutional or constitutional? A person can call their self what ever a person wants, a person can vote for who ever they want to like Mike Duggan, Mickey Mouse, that clown in the spawn movie [doesn’t he look familiar], any of the Detroit, MI. mayoral candidates (anyone in the 2013 primary election &/or etc.). Plus the first thing in my comment was
        the statement if it applies. So that means if my comment doesn’t apply to anyone opinion than there is no issue, BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERYTHING IF IT APPLIES.

        Therefore when some one believes that their freedom of speech/expression means that they can make a comment to I &/or to others that maybe as a statement such as libel, slander, defamation (a mockery of the US Constitution that is not granted by contract/law). Than someone’s own actions/behavior may just caused an opportunity for a financial compensation &/or etc. if it applies? And even if a person does &/or doesn’t know all of the facts there are things that a person must know is that there are exceptions to everything if it applies, no one can surrender, transfer, infringe upon any ones rights, rights are incapable of being alienated, citizens &/or etc. rights are inalienable without a conviction of wrong
        doing… SPREAD THE WORD.

        P.S. sincerely duress, distress & suppress.

  • javierjuanmanuel

    while detroit is both corrupt and inept, as best evidenced by the clerk who said she messed up the election she ran so badly, she needed to have the election “do over” a few years back. I doubt there are 100s of people involved in a scam to get duggan elected.

    If anything it would be napoleon as he was atleast part of the system in detroit government.

    Muckracker did you write on the 105% of the voting age population being registered in this last election. I think normal is something like mid 60s to low 70% being registered. With detroit being so apathetic about everything, other then words, actually doing stuff like voting is to much effort so something more like 45-50% or less seems appropriate for the percent of voting age residents to be registered.

    That was the biggest scam of the election and it is not getting much press.

  • Joseph Kasak

    “perennial mayoral candidate” that’s Gold.

  • The____Truth

    Once again it worked. For Barrow and his future convict buddy, Robert Davis, it is all about getting their name and pictures in the newspapers.