Prosecutor mulls charges against Treasurer Dillon

dillon andyThe Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating whether embattled state Treasurer Andy Dillon broke the law during a fight with his ex-wife at the Redmond home they used to share.

Carol Dillon told investigators that her ex-husband rummaged through the home and grabbed her by the wrists in a furious attempt last month to hide racially charged text messages about her African American boyfriend.
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Motor City Muckraker broke the story today after obtaining copies of the text messages, which Dillon insists he did not send.

“Mr. Dillon does not use, or condone the use of, racially-insensitive language,” his spokesman told me.

The July 13 incident happened a day after Carol Dillon called Gov. Rick Snyder’s office to notify him of incriminating texts sent by the treasurer. That night, the treasurer threatened to release photos of his ex-wife doing drugs and having sex at a party, according to copies of the text messages.

Carol Dillon said she returned home July 13 to discover that her ex-husband had rifled through her house searching for copies she made of the messages. Outside, she said, she found her husband, drunk and angry.Dillon, carol

“He lunged at me from a bush and started grabbing and twisting my arms,” she told me. “I called 911, and he left.”

But that’s not how Carol Dillon’s son remembered it, according to his written statement to Redford police. He said his mom stole her dad’s state-issued phone.

“My dad saw this from around the corner of the house and asked for his phone back,” the son, Jack Dillon, wrote. “My mom responded by throwing the phone in her underwear and threatening to call police. My dad wanted nothing to do with it and immediately got into his car and drove.”

Carol Dillon said her son, who was arrested last year for armed robbery, was drunk. She said she wanted the phone as evidence that the treasurer has been following her in a white Cadillac.

Whatever the case, Carol Dillon drove to the police department and was filing an assault complaint against her husband when state cops arrived and demanded she return the government-issued phone.

In the meantime, civil rights groups said today they are preparing to call for Dillon’s resignation.
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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.