Miguel Cabrera appeared to use another gay slur in ejection

cabreraHome plate umpire Chad Fairchild shocked many Tigers fans Sunday when he ejected slugger Miguel Cabrera in the middle of his at-bat with the bases loaded.

The reigning AL MVP and Triple Crown winner wasn’t demonstrative and only said a few words. So what could he have said to provoke an ejection?

Cabrera appeared to call Fairchild a “homo.”

After the game, Fairchild wouldn’t divulge what Cabrera uttered but said that it will be in his report about the ejection.

On June 29, Cabrera also appeared to call Rays closer Fernando Rodney a “maricón,” the Spanish equivalent of “faggot.”

Is Cabrera homophobic? Is that a sufficient reason to remove a player? We’d like to hear from you.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • The____Truth

    You are taking on a Detroit icon, someone from Detroit that the whole country is talking about, and you want to sling mud regarding something that ” appears ” to have happened? Shake your head.

  • Mags

    Is difficult to say if he is homophobic or not,but I can say he is arrogant and part of the faul is because the way that the manager and the franchise tret him,like a super hero .I remember when Leyland was the Marlin’s manager at the time Cabrera started playing for MBL.,Cabrera looked completly different,I mean phisically. After the rumors about the use of illegal substances by baseball player he already started to look skinner.My opinion is that there been cover up and lies the same way that happen with Alex Rodiguez: no drugs= low performance. Please open an investigation about those supermans in baseball and you ‘ll find out the truth. Did you check the hitters that can’t get to first base if they don’t have a home run,because they are to heavy (Cabrera included)
    I apologize to the exper in baseball,I’m not one of them,but make me upset see honest American baseball players work hard and see others acting above the law

  • A man (person) is entitled to express their opinions,even if it is not “p.c”. It’s called ‘freedom of speech’.

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  • IDknow

    I call people Homos all the time and im not homophobic what so ever.

  • Frank Tomcsik

    I saw the ejection, but don’t know what was said to be able to comment.

  • JPK

    This story seems to be lacking both evidence and verification. I watched the video several times and not once thought that he was using that term. I think the reporter “appeared to” need to conjure up a story.

    • The____Truth

      He’s got the comments to show advertisers. I guess it worked.

  • tz1

    My personal redemption for my own grave sins and abominations is not related to pointing at others who might or might not have their own peccadilloes. Let he who is without sin? The difference is we are convinced of our own righteousness to cast the first stone.

    That condemnation can be equally a condemnation of homosexuality, or of those who reject homosexuality. Dodgeball anyone?

    A pox on both those who do not have any self-control and those who are intolerant.

  • tz1

    First, ejecting a player in the middle of a game itself pushes the notion of justice. Innocent until proven guilty, Due process.

    For all those who the police brutalize while “not doing anything” upon suspicion, either say that the judgment of immediacy of the “umpire” rules, or that if it can be postponed until it is adjudicated, it ought to be postponed.

    I don’t have interest in baseball, so I don’t have an interest.

    At what point does “fraction of a second later” become too similar to “prior restraint”?

    As a journalist, if you wrote something “offensive” to the wrong person (e.g. your boss), and were fired without actual publication, would you feel ok?

    I would rather live in a place that accepted all speech, including offensive – vulgar and pornographic, and even “hate” (whatever that means) speech, over a place where people cowered in fear of the guestapo, stasi or whomever taking them to prison to be tortured for uttering the wrong word – or uttering something which someone else mistook for the wrong word.

    The choice is between freedom and the potential of hate, or tyranny and the potential of the utter destruction of rights.

  • Toka313

    There’s a lot of speculation with not much behind it in this story…

  • Guest

    It’s time someone exposes the homosexual movement as a fraud and denounced it. Being homosexual is not right. Being homosexual is against human life by definition!

  • Guest

    I’m afraid of the devil too!

  • Guest

    Well if he was homosexual I’d stop being a Tiger fan

    • guest

      Wow. Seriously? Even if he were gay, it wouldn’t make him any less of a baseball player. Hopefully he did not say what he is being rumored of saying but you should really stop being so ignorant and hateful. Hate only spreads hate.

      • Guest

        Homosexual behaviors are plain wrong. That goes against human life! Men and women are different for a reason. I couldn’t cheer for someone who is gay…

        • Mike

          Man please like you never masturbated. Was that against human life? How about oral sex. I’m sure you turned that down.

          • Guest

            I have turned it down

    • Al66

      You sir are part of what makes this world full of fear and hate and ignorance. Why should it even concern you, what consenting adults do sexually. Just come out and say that you’ve had a homosexual dream and woke up scared cause you like it.