Sam Riddle: ‘Detroit is Trayvon’ against ‘white-ass Lansing’

TrayvonHundreds of people turned out Saturday for an inspirational rally to honor Trayvon Martin in front of the Department of Justice building in downtown Detroit, calling for justice and racial equality.

But some Detroit politicians and racial demagogues seemed bent on turning the event into a rallying cry against Gov. Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, drawing audible sighs from many in the crowd. Campaign workers also peddled literature for mayoral and city council candidates.

“This is disgusting,” one demonstrator complained. “This is supposed to be about Travyon.”

Among the roughly dozen speakers was Sam Riddle, one of the city’s most notorious public corruption figures.

“Detroit is Trayvon Martin,” Riddle, who was released from prison seven months ago, told the crowd.

He blamed some of the city’s problems on “white-ass Lansing” and “do-nothing” Mayor Bing.

One of the flyers declared, “THIS IS WAR!” against Snyder and Orr.

“The national outrage over the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing African-American youth Trayvon Martin is still roiling, yet another racist injustice on a national scale has occurred: The undemocratic action of an appointed ’emergency manager’ plunging Detroit into the largest city bankruptcy in U.S. history,” the flyer from Moratorium Now! Coalition read.

Despite the distractions, the rally was a touching, inspiring tribute to a teenager killed too early.¬†Eyes swelled with tears. Parents clutched the hands of their children. “We are Trayvon,” signs read.

Local civil rights leader Rev. Charles Williams II urged the audience to seize the moment and stand up against racial injustice.

“This is your 1964 Civil Rights Movement,” Williams said into a megaphone. “Stand up, Detroit. This is our time.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • Rockwell Quixote

    Did Zimmerman bust in on those two elderly woman yesterday??? Did Zimmerman killt that 12 year old last weekend?? “Dont get me wrong the Trayvon MURDER was horrible but… I have seen the enemy and it is US!!!”

  • Frank Tomcsik

    Riddle was a likeable person that we forgave because of his truthfulness of wrongdoing, but our fondness of him is diminishing as he expresses himself as a racist .

  • When you’re pounding someone’s head on the pavement sometimes the guy is going to defend himself. #MoveOn

  • Visual Ronin

    Sam Riddle is the Detroit answer to Al Sharpton. Sam will show up and glam onto any topic, activity, or trivial public action where he thinks he can get the most notice and air-time. Like Al “I-defended-Tawana-Brawley” Sharpton, Sam “Did-my-time-now-let-me-chime” Riddle will do all he can to turn the attention towards himself or that which he feels is important, whether or not it is relevant to the matter currently at hand. Shame on him and his arrogant egotistical tactics.

  • christopher

    it is sad that this kid died, but don’t you think that we should just move on?? teens all over the world get shot and killed all the time, whites and black alike. the only thing this Trayvon Martin thing has tuned into, as you noted Steve, is just a chance for angry blacks to yell at white people, calling them racist, the only thing they achieving is making any whites look down on them more!

    • Visual Ronin

      I have a problem with this. A Hispanic man shoots a Black man and it’s the White man’s fault? The White man is the racist? Unless the news that I get is completely wrong, in parts of LA, Houston, and Miami where rival Hispanic and Black gangs trade daily gun battles, this type of thing happens all of the time. Following the lead of the newly publicly adopted Zimmerman-Policy, does that mean that gang related shootings between two ethnic groups and evaluated by white cops is now racist?

  • Quincy

    How can you spell the kid’s name wrong in your story’s title? Sloppy.

  • Tracey

    Leave it up to classless so-called leaders like Sam Riddle to take something meant to be about healing and turn it into a weapon of hatred and bitterness. Come on, Detroit! We need to start shunning self-serving troublemakers like this so we can move forward. This is not what we are about or what we need to become a functioning, vital city. Moreover, reading that mayoral candidate Krystal Crittendon attended and spoke at the rally offends any standard of taste. Why use the death of a young boy as a campaign appearance? That’s incredibly tacky and classless.

    • The____Truth

      I agree with everything except your characterization of Sam Riddle as a leader. There is a difference between being in the news and being a leader. Sam is a bag man. The title he gives the outside world is that he is a political consultant. In Detroit, that means he advises candidates to be racist, then he helps them steal when they are in office.
      Adolph Mongo is another so-called political consultant. Adolph brags that he helped Kwame Kilpatrick to win election by suggesting a racist advertisement that included a picture of a lynching noose in a black newspaper, the Michigan Chronicle.
      Riddle and Mongo are pond scum.

      • Tracey

        I totally agree with you. If you notice, I called Mr. Riddle a so-called leader because I think he’s an opportunist. Unfortunately, there are many in this city who feel that he is a leader. I don’t know how to change that misguided mindset. As for Ms. Waters, she lost her primary run, coming in third behind Adam Hollier and Mary Sheffield who were very close in the results.

        Ms. Sheffield, by the way, is the daughter of yet another one of the city’s so-called leaders, Rev. Horace Sheffield, III. Why does it seem we have so many opportunists in positions of influence in this town? It’s very disheartening.

        • The____Truth

          Keep up the good work, Tracey. People like you who want a new Detroit are on the upsurge.

          • Tracey

            Thank you, and know there are many who feel the same way here. Slowly but surely, change is coming.

        • Hey Tracy. Would you be interested in writing a column for MCM?

          • Tracey

            I think it would be a blast to do, but the only writing experience I have is a long forgotten blog, a self published poetry chapbook, a short stint editing a newsletter at a former job I had, and highly sarcastic BTL commenting on news websites. I don’t know if I have the chops for real writing, but it would be fun to give it a shot.

          • Could you drop me an email? Thanks!

          • Tracey

            It’s on the way. When an e-mail from cattgirl lands in your inbox, it’s from me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • pam good

    How sickening!