Detroit EM: Pugh must resign or return to work

Charles PughCouncil President Charles Pugh has until tomorrow to decide whether he’ll resign or return to work after issuing a mysterious notice today that he would be on sick leave for the next three to four weeks.

Pugh, who decided not to run for a second term because he said he’s not cut out for politics, has not responded to colleagues or reporters in the past week. He disabled his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

And he’s left no indication about what’s wrong. Not even his office workers know about his whereabouts or well-being.

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr responded today by saying Pugh must return to work by Wednesday or resign. If he does neither, Orr has the authority to cut Pugh’s $77,000 salary. Pugh also receives┬áhealth care, a pension, a city-owned car filled up with city-paid gas and a city-issued cell phone.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • I am working on a story about Charles Pugh’s involvement with a mentoring program at Mumford High School and possible, alleged, improprieties with a program participant….stay tuned. This may explain the absences as a period of attempts at damage control, which also may be reflected in the fact that social media venues have been discontinued.

  • Bob Connely

    If the EFM wants to save money, can anyone tell me why he didn’t lay off/fire the entire City Council on his Day One? The savings resulting from these useless clowns and their bliatd staff and bennies ight not have bailed out the City, but it would have sent the right message. As it is now, Kevin Orr is little more than AnotherBrother slurping out of the public trough.

  • Steve Sizz

    Lets see if Pugh has the balls to rebuff him.

    • dirtydog1776

      Are Pugh’s balls paid for by the taxpayers, like everything else he is getting?

  • bebow

    Detroituncovered may have dropped a clue. ” Also there is an investigation underway of a council person that could become a criminal complaint. This particular council person is in hiding allegedly.”

    • Lynn

      I’ve heard the rumor. It is not good for Pugh for if true.

      • lynn

        ‘if true.’

  • Duke Dexter

    Talk about a wasted vote. This clown had no business on the City Council. Name recognition alone made this clown run, and now he’s off on some diva excursion at, of course, the tax payers’ expense. Good riddance, Martha Reeves Jr…

  • Tracey

    I wonder will Pugh have the guts to show up and explain himself, regardless of whether he chooses to meet his electoral obligation or cut and run.

    • Shelley I. Foy

      He owes the citizens who voted for him an explanation because they trusted him in high number of votes. Unless something very serious is going on he need to tell us the citizens.

      • Tracey

        Very true, Shelley, but he’s never given any regard to the citizens who voted for him in the past. Remember how he ducked comment on Pugh and You – shutting down the “fund” after it was exposed? Or how he tried to cover up the accident he had with a city owned vehicle? Or how he tried to use his influence to keep his chief of staff out of legal trouble? Or how he flat out began begging for money to pay for trips out of state because the city didn’t cover his expenses? Mr. Pugh may have been a competent journalist, but he’s been incompetent at best and completely corrupt at worst as a politician.