Pastor, community activist among those reportedly arrested at ruckus Detroit City Council meeting

bill wylie-kellermann1A pastor who preaches nonviolent community activism was reportedly arrested Tuesday during a rowdy Detroit City Council meeting that was temporarily halted after demonstrators began singing protest songs and linking arms.

Police apprehended several protesters, including Bill Wylie-Kellermann, pastor at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, for refusing to stay quiet about their opposition to a state-appointed emergency manager during a formal council session.

Kellermann is among the most vocal opponents of an EM, saying the state takeover is anti-Democratic. In March, Kellermann wrote that he and other protesters would “need to make this city creatively ungovernable.”

“It’s time to get in the way,” Kellermann said at the time. “It’s time to resist this with our bodies.”

The demonstration is the latest act of civil disobedience since Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr took office last month. Protesters also have jammed freeways and blocked the entrance to city hall.

Protesters said the demonstrations will escalate.

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