Aftermath of Tigers Opening Day: Red cups, blood, rotting food, vomit, broken windows & beer bottles

Oh, the joy of Opening Day.

Early Friday afternoon, tens of thousands of Tigers fans, predominately from the suburbs, wedged into downtown for a day of debauchery and baseball Friday afternoon.

It wasn’t clear just how much fun everyone had until the sun rose this morning, shining light on piles of garbage and broken glass that stretched for more than a mile along Woodward and Cass. And what a sight it was.

Cars left in parking lots were broken into. Wind-blown red cups drifted onto exit ramps. Shards of glass were scattered across roads and sidewalks.

Photos by Steve Neavling





Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • pegasusgiraffe

    What about the ‘human waste’ left in the city? Heard that was very bad, too…

  • Ryguy!!!

    Black white purple yellow brown what ever the hell color you are you im sure everyone has been guilty of throwing some trash here and there and if you have not god bless your should you are a saint so instead of adding fuel to the fire think about ways you as yourself can fix the problem like maybe pay back for the time you were to lazy so you tossed it on the ground and how this became a race issue beats the hell out of me but instead of pointing fingers like crackaaaaa over there did this and Blackie chan over there is responsible for that whether you like it or not we share this earth . Like my mom always would say if you dont have anything nice to say go liveb under a rock because nobody has time for your negativity!

  • Jizzo

    Here is an idea make the 1000s of homeless clean it up ! they walk around annoyingly begging for free booze, cash, bottles, whatever they can get. but they cant pick up some trash ? I look at it as there way of paying rent, I don’t feel sorry for them..

    • MrTroyMercy

      I actually agree. That panhandling is very irritating. However, it gives no right to trash a city. If understand someone doinformation it… I will make sure that they clean it up, by any means nessecary.


    Stay out of Detroit ,You don’t belong here…With your trash, booze, and violence leave that out of the city you cave men.

  • Guest

    You think suburbanites were breaking into the remaining cars?

  • pdoo

    Standard Motor City Muckracker comment board for race baiting articles:
    Step 1: Person from Race X says something racist…
    Step 2: Person from Race Y responds with racism…
    Step 3: Repeat…

    Great job Steve in using race baiting journalism to stifle any chance of an honest, meaningful, and sincere discussion on racism within Detroit and the Suburbs! ytmnd!

  • Guest

    This would be more thought-provoking if the pictures weren’t all from the same lot. Sadly, I know the effects of opening on the day to day function of the city, but these pictures look like the aftermath of an EMU tailgate party.

  • johnica

    All you people are ignorant clearly this has nothing to do if your white black Latin mixed or whatever this is basically done by people who are just nasty and tRAshy themselves what’s so hard about cleaning up your own trash this is all done by pure laziness point blank PERIOD I lived in the suburbs and Detroit and it all depends on the person YOU are . IF EVERYONE ACTED LIKE ADULTS AND CLEANED THIER OWN MESS NOTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND

  • Stacie Danielle Reeves

    The same people that talk so much crap about Detroit and it’s citizens are the same people that come to the City and destroy it.

    • ThatCoolWhiteDude

      The same ones that say “pure michigan” i bet they’re from southgate and westland.

  • kidslick

    Right to bare arms! This could help clean up the city. Wiggers and niggers alike.

  • James Oman

    it’s a mess but this particular article is two years old!!!

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  • Tom

    Apparently, cities can either have trash on the ground and no terrorists, or trash cans. Whatever Thomas Friedman might think, terrorists do change us.

  • Kevin

    Get your head out of the sand (garbage) The greater percentage of downtown Detroit is vacant and strewn with debris with the exception of a few pockets. If the place was clean to begin with more people would look out of place throwing and leaving garbage. Citys that are enforced and have the resources to monitor are clean….citys that are poor with little or no services are not clean. There’s garbage at every single vacant burned out building in Detroit….its the shit hole murder capital of the USA…..celebrate it!

    • Dave Armstrong

      Kevin, do you actually spend any time in Downtown Detroit, or do you just sit in your suburban home and badmouth us? I look out my 11th floor apartment window and watch the street cleaning machines every day on the streets of Downtown. There’s a woman at the Transit Center who works all day keeping it clean. I also walk to the store and Comerica Park, snd ride the People Mover almost daily, and I don’t see trash. And your contention that most of Downtown is vacant shows you don’t really know what’s going on – – – Downtown buildings are being refurbished and re-opened almost monthly, and some new ones are being built. In addition, all our Downtown parks are about to undergo a total re-do and revival. Hey, Kevin, come on down here and I’ll show you around the ACTUAL Downtown Detroit!.

      • Peter Mays

        Well said! When it comes to keeping the core downtown clean, more damage is done by suburban “visitors” than city residents. I know this because I live downtown and witness it every time an event comes around.

      • The Mule

        Fair enough. I love Michigan, lived here all my life. And yet, the last time I drove through Detroit (on my way out!) I was gobsmacked by how the place looked. It looked like a movie set for a post-apocalyptic movie. Kevin’s point, which may have been lost a little, was that if the place were generally cleaner then people would treat it better. That’s demonstrably true, there’s even a bit of science behind it.

        BUT. It isn’t so simple. Just clean up the blighted homes, right? Why didn’t we think of that?? Hah! It costs money, the owners of the properties aren’t willing (or it isn’t even obvious who the owner is). Just repair the streets, increase education and opportunity for the residents, lower income inequality, create entry-level jobs, and get people invested in their communities. So simple, right? Why don’t we just do all those things?

        Oh, yeah. We have been trying to, for decades. It isn’t so easy. Maybe Kevin wants to lend a hand?

  • Joe

    It takes good people to outweigh the bad if you want real change.

  • Jason

    It’s Detroit people, the whole city is a trash can! Just be glad no one was killed

    • Dave Armstrong

      Killed? Really? When’s the last time somebody was killed surrounding a Tigers, Lions, or Red Wings game? Or at the Fox, Opera House, Music Hall, Fillmore, or any of Detroit’s downtown restaurants or casinos? For that matter, how many killings can you name anywhere in Downtown Detroit recently?
      Wow! We need more Downtown boosters like you!

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  • Meg

    Here’s a novel idea – if you don’t see a trash can, take your trash home with you (in your back seat or trunk) and dispose of it there. Geesh! I think every lot needs cameras and no littering with a strong fine attached. Would also help catch any vandals of cars.

  • Nancy

    Trash bins were nowhere in sight!!! My girlfriends cars window was smashed out for a bowling ball at Eastern Market, c’mon!!!

    • Dave Armstrong

      I don’t know where you live, but check with your local police department. Cars are broken into all the time in Southgate, Plymouth, Farmington, Rochester, Troy, St. Clair Shores, etc., etc. – – – it happens everywhere!

    • Noel

      There was not on trash can in sight as I walked through the city. They should make all suburbs community service and work force go here once a month or so.

      • dirtydog1776

        How about putting the welfare queens to work? Oh, I forgot, Obama gutted the welfare work requirement…….it offended the dignity of welfare recipients and wounded their self esteem.

  • Judge Smails

    Most normal cities (see: New Orleans, Chicago) have cleaning crews and street sweepers after major events.

    • Dave Armstrong

      I look out my 11th floor window in downtown Detroit and see street sweepers every day – – – not just after events. By the way, most of this trash accumulated in private parking lots and outside private restaurants, where it’s the responsibility of the private owners.

    • Dane

      I agree with Dave. It’s the responsibility of the private owners. If you can charge everyone for parking its you’re responsibility if trash ends up on your lot. Plus, come on people, this is opening day we’re talking about, prob one of the most popular Detroit tailgating days. Its obvious that common courtesy is not easily done by people in general anyways, so drunk people have even less and just don’t care. Bottom line – Responsibility of the private owners.

  • bebow

    Vulgar, drunken suburbanites are acting out on their belief that the city is “Detoilet.” This is the same belief that has white boys repeatedly dumping construction debris from pick-up trucks on the foreclosed property adjacent to mine and elsewhere throughout the neighborhoods. Since these nasty suburbanites don’t hesitate to hold us collectively accountable for the wrongdoing of street folk and corrupt, incompetent bourgies, I don’t mind saying that “Detoilet” is located between their ears. Perhaps the DPD should start issuing tickets.

    • Mike

      Maybe people would show you more respect if you weren’t a racist.

    • bebow

      I don’t care whether vulgar, drunken, nasty suburbanites respect me or not.

    • Janice

      You are absolutely right
      They are disgusting

    • Derek

      Lets just start off by saying your just as ignorant as anyone dumping trash black boy! And let’s put it into consideration that the city of Detroit looks the way it does and has the murder rate it does because of who lives there everyday. I got off the express way at 96 and greenfield yesterday which is nowhere near downtown and there were red cups and everything else you could imagine laying on the ground. The cities inhabitants are just as bad as anyone else that litters down there. Take a look at the city before opening day, just as nasty now as it was before. Instead of blaming people who come down and actually spend money in the city of Detroit, how about you put the blame on your crooked city officials, and private owners of those trashed parking lots asshole.

      • Moktadir

        The area was most definitely not as filthy until your disgusting, inconsiderate lot made its round. Shut up.

        • Mike Gardella

          Lol. Lol.

      • MrTroyMercy

        I would beat the fu*k out of your ignorant ass. You hide behind a computer but I Bet you aren’t tough enough to say it to anyone face f*ggot. You are nothing more than a coward and a troll. You sure are tough when using them Liberace fingers. I don’t why I am arguing with you because are racist coward anyhow. Drown in p*S’s you POS. TROLL..

    • Dave Armstrong

      Really, Derek? Calling Bebow a “black boy”. Why do you assume that just because he lives in Detroit, he is black? I live here, I and I am white.

    • bebow

      Derek, you have very slickly outed yourself here, revealing for everyone the contents of your personal “Detoilet.”

    • Mike Gardella

      What a ridiculous comment/article.. detroit is in its current state because of the people who are elected and the people who live there, taking responsibility is the first step. There is no recovery, you dont have to worry about me visiting.

  • Cheryl

    Most of the lots charge 20.00 or more for you to park. Why don’t they have proper dumpsters…. I was in the city yesterday and yes trash was everywhere…there are not many places to dispose it…. It is reported that all the so called drunken suburbanites dump 375million US dollars in the D.

    • So your belief is that provided waste containers that what these photos show would not be there? I believe in something called intentional littering – the streets of Detroit have been used for dumping usually by persons outside Detroit. The abandoned building next to the one I stay had dumping happening and it was reported. The central police station is within five blocks so there are regularly cruisers passing. Within minutes of the Uhaul pulling out it was being pursued onto E Grand Blvd. Fine is $500, add that to the Uhaul fee and its cheaper to go to the dump.

      Honestly I’d like to see Detroit raise the fee on dumping and offer a bounty program for residents reporting that a portion of the collected fee would be awarded them.

  • Jennifer Quinn

    We actually parked in a heaping mess!!! WE CLEANED up the parking lot to tailgate and there was glass everywhere before we even parked!!! BUT we were VERY disappointed with what we where seeing left behind as other tailgaters left.

  • TheDean

    Frankly I think some drunkened bum came along scavaging and dumped trash bags out..they are known for doing that! with high winds and a scavaging bum you have a hell of a mess !

  • TheDean

    I think all celebrations come with trash..I am a Detroiter born and raised…IU do think our suburban cousins come to the City and run ammuck alot of time being reckless and uncaring about the city and its people, Evident in alot of these replies that people just dont give a shit about the city or the people in it..they think we all are just rock bottom. Effortless to say! However, With celebration come the trash in a major city. during the fireworks Detroiters converge on the riverfront at belle Island and when the party is over TRASH everywhere..I just see it as evidence that Those people had a great time! Pointing fingers makes no sense in this matter…Prepare better for the aftermath..IJS!

    • Derek

      I agree with thedean, yeah a lot of people do not show the city any respect, whether its people from the suburbs or the people who live in the city. NOBODY shows the city respect, and that includes government officials who show no interest in keeping the city clean when they know for a fact there will be trash everywhere!

  • JP

    Yeah like Detroiters take great care of their city normally. Its a mecca of crime, trash, gangs, and drugs. I’m sure the businesses of Detroit appreciated the extra dollars from baseball fans buying beer and meals. Yeah, its gross but don’t act sanctimonious.. The people of Detroit treat their own city like a trashcan EVERYDAY! I’m from there, I love metro Detroit but keep it real..

    • Dave Armstrong

      Excuse me, JP, exactly how much time have you spent in Downtown Detroit lately? Downtown is booming, full of new residents, new businesses, new restaurants, and now new retail. Downtown is kept immaculately clean by the City (Sadly, the same can’t be said of the outlying neighborhoods). So before you start trashing us (pun intended), spend a little time Downtown.

    • JP

      Dave– there are certainly some “booming” places downtown that are the only good part of the city. It is minimal and the rest of the city is a dump. If you honestly think Detroit, on the whole, is anything more than a dump, then you’re in denial. I spend plenty of time in Detroit (was recently married downtown). I know it well and I hope for its improvement but I cannot stand people who try to act like it is more than it really is. Once people admit that it is desolate, they can change it and restore some sanity to it!

    • Hi. I spent the better part of today trying to track down a dumper who thought nothing of leaving his trash in my neighborhood of Brightmoor. I have neighbors who WORK FULLTIME without pay just cleaning and protecting the neighborhood with minimal police support or support downtown. Our neighborhood organization has worked together to board up dozens of houses, clean up trash, cut brush away from alleys, plant gardens, etc., etc., etc. Yet, for thirty years, we’ve been stonewalled by corrupt city leadership (paid for with white suburban dollars, I might add), an ineffective police department, and the attitude that “you can get away with it in Detroit.” Well, not anymore. So don’t come dump in my neighborhood. Don’t leave your car her for insurance fraud. Don’t burn down your slum properties that you rent without background checks and with code violations. We’re sick of you bringing your trash here, multiplying our problems and crime. And we’re coming after you! That is all.

    • That cracker

      Detroit politics report… Paid for with white suburban dollars… How about your black mayor y’all voted for continuously that embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars, used the tax payers money for his and his friends own personal gain, dealing drugs and buying hookers. What an awesome mayor! The corruption doesn’t stop with him, but stop being ignorant and blaming white people for Detroit’s problems. Detroit is 90% African American, so how is that relevant to white people causing your issues and problems in Detroit. No I’m not saying that white people are perfect and do not litter down there, but they are not the cause of the big picture issues in the city. Blame your corrupt government from the city of Detroit to the government of the United States in Washington.

  • James

    Let a gang of us got to the burbs and do this…out come? yea we know.

  • The world is your back yard and this is the way you treat it?? Cleaned up the next day who had to pay to clean up after you pigs, needs to dumped on your blocks.

    • Dave Armstrong

      Most of the mess was in private parking lots, and surrounding private restaurants – – – those private parties took care of their own cleanup. I’m sure the City street cleaners had extra work to do, but most of it was done by private parties. By the way, I looked out my 11th floor window after midnight last night and the partying was still going on, so it is no surprise that the trash was still there this morning. By noon, however, it was all gone.

    • That guy

      Thank you Dave Armstrong. Everyone is reacting like the city of Detroit is the only ones that have trash on the streets after a major event. One prime example is Mardi gras in New Orleans, google the after math after that party and what there streets look like. Take a look at any inner city across the United States or anywhere in the world. They all look the same, trashed, and disgusting. Detroit is not the only city in this country that gets trashed after an opening day or major event. I’m sure Cleveland, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, ect, ect, ect you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in any Of the pictures if you combined them.

  • ButtPipe

    Garbage after a tailgate? Never heard of anything like that. All you idiots on either side are morons for thinking this is even a concern at all. Now I’m dumber for acknowledging you all. Thanks.

    • Peg

      Look here Mr. poop chute, there is no excuse for total slob behavior. Period. I’ve seen plenty of clean tailgaters in my day. The rest are just banana peel tossers. Perhaps, just plain tossers.

    • Dave Armstrong

      “Mr. poop chute”????
      Are middle schoolers on this site now?

    • Peg

      To Dave Armstrong, It was a play on words for but Buttpipe you moron. You know, the person I was responding to? Omgg.

    • Dave Armstrong

      “you moron”.
      Peg, your debating and intellectual skills are going downhill.

    • Peg

      Dave, you are desperate and grasping at straws. I’m so done with you.

  • Jaime L. Jensen

    I’m a suburbanite that LOVES Detroit. I used to live in the Cass Corridor and may move back in a couple of years. I myself would NEVER leave garbage like that after I spent a good time in Detroit. Just sayin is all……

  • Ms. Denise

    Clean that city up! Detroit is beautiful, and has some of the best food and people in the world. This photographer has intentionally sought out area’s where he’s creating a bad perception of the city. You can find a mess if you want, all over the world.

    • Dave Armstrong

      Chill…….it was all cleaned up by Noon today!!

    • Jeff

      If you really believe that Detroit has some of the “best people and food in the world” your a fool. I travel for work, love Detroit, rep Detroit, and realize that Detroit doesn’t rank in the top 20 in either of those categories nationwide.

  • Detroiter

    Most Detroiters and their families live in the burbs.

    • Wait. What?

    • I can agree with this in the following context – The population of metropolitan Detroit that claims itself to be Detroit is around 4.5 million – with residents inside the city being roughly 700,000 and declining. So yes those claiming DETROIT are mostly outside the city. So if this is your town, lets make sure ALL OF IT is kept up like you would your neighborhood.

      Highly recommend – Bounty on Dumpers – reward the residents for reporting with a portion of fee collected, and RAISE THE FINE over $1000. Make the act of reporting worthwhile. Tie dumping fines into the tax system because we need to provide proper waste processing that is affordable.

  • Detroiter

    How much trash did you pick up, Johnny Come Lately Mudslinger?

  • Markus

    Here’s an idea don’t go downtown, just let the ppl of Detroit support and pay for everything they have, look around the city , must be a hell of a lot of parties going on because the place is the pits , and has been that way for 50 years, you wanna piss and moan about some trash after a opening day , well what about the rest of the days of the year ?

    • Ty

      I’m with ya there… I have to drive down in the D somedays and the amount of refuse strewn about any ordinary street off I-94 makes those pics look like tidy little piles.

    • Uh huh. Keep the insults coming. And I’ll tell you about the roofers from Roseville, the landscaper from Inkster, the slumlord from Bloomfield Hills who dump and dump and dump their trash in my neighborhood. We can’t clean it up as fast as they dump it. We chase them and the police don’t respond. We take pictures and see nothing happening. We spend HOURS and HOURS and HOURS cleaning up their mess. Why? Cause REAL PEOPLE live here. Real children. Real moms and dads. Real people who have real value. Not the stereotypes you love to mock. So, cut it out. And stop dumping in my city.

    • Y’all are f*cking stupid!!

      Amen Markus, anywhere you go in the city, is mainly supported by people from the suburbs. People from the suburbs don’t go to the casinos, sporting events or support a lot of the restaurants, these places would not be open, our professional sports teams wouldn’t be, and any development in the city that has happened in the past 10 years, sure as hell would not have happened if it weren’t for the people in the suburbs supporting the city of Detroit! As we can all tell how the cities inhabitants, don’t care about or take care of there city the other 364 days of the year.

    • City of horrors

      Detroit politics report… Yeah there are a bunch of assholes that do dump in the city, but there are also a bunch of assholes that LIVE IN the city that do the same shit! Quit putting the blame on everyone else, I don’t hear you saying shit about anyone setting up trap houses in the abandoned houses, raping and killing women or children! That kind of stuff being caused by people who live in the city! I used to live in brightmoor, and saw nothing but that kind of shit happening, or dead bodies being found at abandoned houses on my street ( hazelton ). So yeah instead of dealing with that or worrying about my children’s lives everyday I decided to move out of that shit hole.

    • Dave Armstrong

      The person who goes by the classy name “y’all are f*cking stupid!!” does have some valid points.
      Our downtown sports teams, casinos, restaurants, and theaters are supported heartily (perhaps even largely) by suburbanites. For that reason, we Detroiters are grateful to suburbanites. On the other hand, suburbanites should be grateful that Detroit offers all those great things I just mentioned.
      Another point I would like to make is that the entire city of Detroit is not trashed as so many people on this thread have claimed. Drive through Indian Village, East Village, Downtown, Corktown, Woodbridge, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, Rosedale Park, and other neighborhoods, and you will see impeccably-kept homes, well-groomed lawns, and little or no trash. There are other neighborhoods, sadly, that are not so nice, that is true.

  • Nothing new here!!!m IJS!!

  • Dave Armstrong

    One final thought: Downtown Detroit has it’s share of problems, but hosting, enjoying, and having to clean up after a huge day of celebration isn’t one of them!

  • Dave Armstrong

    Don’t forget that 19,000 Red Wings fans joined the party last night also. I could look out my 11th floor window and see partying going on well after midnight, so it is not surprising that Steve could get these pictures early this morning. I just took a few minutes and rode my bike around the few blocks near the stadium, and all the trash is gone. Lighten up folks!

    • Rb

      Interesting the wings were in Colorado that night.

  • I have been to other events..NASCAR races in the infield and not..and let me tell you trash cans help. It doesn’t look like this. I feel the lots and businesses should provide the clean up and should of had areas to dump your garbage. I grew up in Detroit and live in Dearborn now . So I do not consider it a suburb. So blaming the people from the suburbs is just ridiculous. They should of had cleaning crews out picking the stuff up after the game..then all of it would not be there today. Just saying.

  • Suzanne

    It simply shows how SOME of the people in suburbia dont care about downtown Detroit. I live in a suburb of Detroit and I know that some people have no respect for our city

  • jaymart

    Maybe a dumpster or two would help. I didnt see a trash can in any of the photos. Still no excuse however a dumpster might provide some motivation. Decent people clean up after themselves. No conscience or consideration these days…

  • don portman

    most of these lots are private property owned by the guys charging 20 -50 or more bucks for parking and tailgating parties. they should be fined for not cleaning their property after allowing people to party there. the city is not responsible for cleaning up these properties i would think.

    • Unacello

      I live in Brush Park, and the streets were lined with cars for Opening Weekend. Free parking. My neighborhood which was once clean is now littered with trash on every block. There’s no excuse for not cleaning up after yourself.

  • Thanks, Steve

  • Peg

    Looks obvious that most suburban Detroit ball fans are drunken pig slobs. What a shame that Detroit can’t afford the police that could have raked in big time on all the DUI’s. shooting fish in a barrel. Spend a night in the pokey, return to your broken into car, and be forced to clean up that dump next morning. I am definitely no Scrooge and I know how to have fun responsibly. I just can’t stand total slob behavior.

    • I agree that Detroit Police should have been raking in a lot of DUI tickets – the city talks about revenue sources, those that disrespect can pay for their position.

    • Kill yourself for being ignorant as f*ck

      Ok Peg, who’s to say that everyone that is a ball fan and was attending the game or tailgating are all from the suburbs? You just sound fucking stupid.

  • Peetah

    I was disgusted by what I saw yesterday. Didn’t even know about the aftermath, until now. I guarantee that many of these ill-behaved suburban visitors are the same ones continually bad-mouthing the city. Way to lead by example, fools.

  • Dave Armstrong

    Come on, folks, let’s put this in perspective. This is Metropolitan Detroit’s biggest party of the year – – – bigger than New Year’s Eve! Look at it this way: after you have 30 people or so to your house for a party, there’s going to be a couple pieces of trash on the floor, some empty bottles and cans, etc. Expand that to a party with 100,000 people, and what do you expect?

    • Peg

      Dave, nothing against having a huge celebration, they all just needed to take all that garbage crap with them! no excuses, total slobs.

      • Dave Armstrong

        As someone pointed out earlier, almost all of this takes place outside restaurants and in parking lots, where people have paid quite a bit of money to hold their party. When that little bit of trash accrues in your house during a party, do you expect the guests to pick it up, or do you end up doing it as the hostess? Well, the same thing applies here – – – it’s the restaurant owners and parking lot owners who bear the responsibility for cleanup. I live downtown Detroit, but I find myself in the unusual position of defending “suburban slobs”.

    • Seriously? Comparing a private party to public behavior? Just another example of people wanting to do whatever they want whenever they want with no personal responsiblity. If you live in Detroit, then I guess that makes you one of the hosts so maybe you should have been out there cleaning up.

    • P.S. Even if you want to excuse the trash, what about the vomit, broken windows, car break-ins, etc. Or maybe you tolerate that behavior from party guests also.

    • Dave Armstrong

      Only blogger Steve reported any of this. Neither the police nor any news media reported vandalism or criminality.

    • Peg
    • Dave Armstrong

      Check it out, Peg—–the link you posted was to an Internet blogger, not a legitimate news medium.
      And now I’m done with you—-either move Downtown and be part of the solution, or keep your uninformed thoughts to yourself!

    • Peg

      Dave are you serious? it’s media Nonetheless. valid points. Have a good evening.

  • Jahna

    Way to go Tiger fans. Please note the dripping sarcasm. You complain about Detroit and how it looks, in reality and to the outside world, and then you go and do this. Way to go! And yes Peggy not all suburbanites are like that, but it’s a shame that there are any at all.

  • It’s shameful! This is what many of them think of Detroit. The dumping? Mostly from suburbanites. No doubt!

  • Connie

    Total disrespect for Detroit.

  • So what ? Just needs to be cleaned, A price for everything. To bad about property damage . Thats a sore spot but , many people from the burb’s come on down and create a great deal of mayhem themselves . All said and done , manners were lacking by many. Does any one know if the cop’s were invited to this ? They could have keep some order I F we allowed them ( like pay taxes and other financial support ).

  • Disgusting, sad, irritating and just plain awful. But all suburbanites don’t treat the city this way. Just the drunk, stupid ones.

  • You mean Comet Bar doesn’t always look like that?

  • Dave Armstrong

    Bah Humbug, Steve!