Fox 2 reporter Charlie LeDuff is accused of drunken St. Patrick’s Day melee, peeing on sidewalk

LeDuff, Charlie1Detroit police are investigating claims that a drunken Charlie LeDuff, whose recently published memoir is climbing bestseller lists, got into a melee with two men, bit a security guard, urinated on the sidewalk and harassed three female cops at the end of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Corktown on Sunday.

But two friends of the Fox 2 reporter say the allegations are trumped up by an opportunistic security guard who wants to cash in on an inebriated LeDuff. Sure, he was drunk, they said, but the altercation was verbal until two thugs attacked him and his brother.

Charlie LeDuff

If LeDuff struck anyone, they said, it was out of self-defense.

“Charlie might push people’s buttons, but he doesn’t cross the line,” a friend of his told me. “He was attacked by some assholes and did what he could to defend himself.”

The security guard is threatening to sue, saying he was bitten and spit on by an out-of-control LeDuff, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who gained fame as a New York Times reporter before returning to his hometown of Detroit.

LeDuff faces assault charges, police said.

A day after the melee, he was back to work, covering the conviction of former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. No bruises were visibile, but as one television reporter told me, makeup artists can work magic.

LeDuff is the author of several books, including his most recent, “Detroit: An American Autopsy.”

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • I feel ya Charlie me and my sis went out to a bar and some Guy got in my sis face when I hot in between I got hit needless to be said I was blk and blue head to toe got the pic dearborn hgts put me in jail police report said I only had scratch on me well then who neat me I would do it all over again to protect my sister

  • This breaks my heart. He’s talked about his personal struggles before, and it looks like he’s struggling again. I hope he can bounce back from this…and I hope his detractors don’t use this as a bully pulpit to try and bring him down.

    • Steve Neavling

      Well said. We’re all hoping he gets better.

    • Jim

      Yeah, I agree. Charlie needs help not punishment. If his TV station cans him, I will be sure to avoid them in the future. He’s a Detroiter through and through.

  • Toka313

    Oh puleeze. 2 anonymous friends say Charlie wouldn’t hurt a fly. He couldn’t even remember what he did that day. I learned in kindergarten not to bite people. He looks like Monica Conyers when he interviewed her. Not taking responsibility. No apology. And thinking he’s above the law.