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Motor City Muckraker enters its third week


You may have noticed we made some substantial changes to Motor City Muckraker.

Recent Articles: This is where we will post stories from elsewhere online that we think you may find interesting or informative. If you come across a story that we have missed, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or send a tip.

Main page Stories: Clicking on any of these links will take you to an original article by one Motor City Muckraker’s own writers. Currently we have a very small staff, all of whom are graciously donating their time and energy to this project, but you can expect new voices and more content in the near future.

Featured Stories: These stories highlight interesting – although not “newsy” stories about Detroit. Featured stories will be accompanied by photos and/or video all produced by the Motor City Muckraker staff.

Featured Columns: 2-3 times per week we will bring you original content from one of columnists. If you are interested in seeing your work published here, contact us at

Comments: We are still working out the kinks with our layout and, as a result, the comment section is currently unavailable on the most recently updated version of the articles. I encourage you to discuss this week’s articles in the comment section of this page, as well as anything else you’d like to share.

Twitter: We’ll be tweeting council meetings and important events in the city in real time, as well as any other interesting tid-bits we come across throughout the day.

Facebook: Make sure to like Motor City Muckraker on Facebook!

Coming Soon: We have a new Sports writer as well as a new Health and Wellness writer. Expect their first stories this week along with daily coverage by our Muckrakers.

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Abigail Shah

Co-founder of Motor City Muckraker, Abigail Shah is a native Detroit and graduated with a BS in psychology from Wayne State University.