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Steve Neavling is a former reporter at the Detroit Free Press and lives in Midtown.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Does anyone know whatever happend to disgraced Health Department Executive Yvonne Anthony? Has she found anonymity in another public service job in some other state? Are Wayne County Prosecutors to busy with bigger crooks, or are the looking the other way because Anthony foolishly did their selfish bidding to her own detriment? Yes, WCP Mary Morrow, famous for making a lot of noise about her own lack of accomplishment and blaming others threw tantrums that no strong leader could long endure – let alone a simple sycophant like Anthony. Morrow fooled (more likely coerced) FREEP writer Joe Swickard into reporting that health services were being eliminated for children poisoned by lead. The ranted, stomped, bullied and phone-stalked every Bing administration official until she got her way. The hapless Anthony become her foot stool, and when Anthony disappears, no one from Morrow’s office goes after her for paying her own daughter as a ghost employee of the DHWP. Those are the facts – no where’s Anthony and who’s correcting the injustice visited upon innocent children by selfish polititicians and incompetent administrators?

    Those skeptical of these assertions will be amazed and disturbed to learn that everyone involved with the abandonment of lead poisoning prevention by the City of Detroit has been separated from the city except those most at fault – Mary Morrow, Kirk Lewis and Dave Bing. Were it not for a whislteblower suit recently settled by the city, many of these names would doubtlessly still be clinging to their imaginary thrones of power – Yvonne Anthony, Bill Ridella, Audrey Smith (all DHWP directors and GMs), Jannie Warren and Warren Palmer (Planning & Development directors/GMs), and Rochelle Collins (Kirk Lewis admin and former Jannie Warren protege). There may have been other contributing factors leading their collective dismissals, however, their collusion and selfishness, cowering support of Mary Morrow at the expense of lead poisoning prevention is the common thread. When Mary Morrow, Kirk Lewis and Dave Bing are gone, this city will have half a chance. When the entire City Council is also replaced, it will find the other half of that chance.

    • Steve Neavling, Editor

      Thanks so much for the message. I’ve been wondering what happened to the Anthony investigation, and for that matter, the rest of the DHS probe. Last I heard the FBI thought the charges were too trivial to bring to fruition, which I think was a big mistake. So that brings us to Worthy. … I’ll try to get some answers. Thanks for the tip.